The Highway Code - Free Download

The Highway Code - Free Download

Found 25th Jan 2012
The Highway Code - Free Download

the site also has a few other resources

download on ipad, etc; saves you carrying the book around & a few pennies
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not the official highway code this is a publication from a driving school most of what you need is in there but alot of it has been shortened
however there is quite a lot of stuff which maybe of use on the main site link

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The down load is almost exactly the same as the online Highway code version on the Direct Gov website.

Thanks OP
Dont forget too that PDF files can be read on a Kindle with no covmnversion needed.
thank you
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Thank you
Good find.
The full PDF version of Know Your Traffic Signs is available on the Directgov website:…htm
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Shame the Government don't send out free printed copies like they used to! (and the only downside with reading the highway code on a Kindle is of course, the road-signs are coloured!)
Great find! Thank you! Although I don't really need it as I've already passed, and have taken PassPlus lessons! Still a great find though.
Everyone should always be open to reminders and re-learning of the code. It's essential for keeping safe on the roads. I've over 30 years of driving experience but still feel like I can improve. What better way than by checking your knowledge against the code to correct or prevent bad habits?
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