The Hoosiers play Kentish Town Forum - FREE Tickets

The Hoosiers play Kentish Town Forum - FREE Tickets

Found 18th Nov 2010Made hot 19th Nov 2010
The Hoosiers are playing a free gig on 30th November at The HMV Forum in Kentish Town.


Thanks, OP...great find; though there appears to be a spurious £2.25 delivery charge per order.

Don't like but a good price you can get 4 tixs for £2.25

I preferred my free Gn'R

As it says above £2 25 delivery charge. Good find, thank you.

Not quite a freebie, very good deal

Thanks OP - got some and OH is very pleased!

Awful band, but free is free, and someone must like them.

Went to see them in Edinburgh last week. Same deal.

I'm not a fan of the Hoosiers (I only really know their hit singles), but they were really excellent. The gig was being filmed for C4, so they were really giving it their all and laying it on thick for the cameras - lots of guitar solos, rock star poses and band interaction, etc.

There were loads of promo girls, dressed in Russian-style fur hats and sparkly dresses, giving out free t-shirts if you bought a vodka. There were some promo blokes dressed Cossack-style for the ladies too!

Check the winter festival photos on the Russian Standard Facebook page to get the idea.

I recommend that you get yourself along to this gig if you get a chance.
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