The Horde (La Horde) Zombie DVD £6.49 Delivered from MovieMail

The Horde (La Horde) Zombie DVD £6.49 Delivered from MovieMail

Found 1st Oct 2010
Gore-filled French zombie horror. When detective Mathias Rivoallan is murdered by a gang led by the Nigerian Markudi (Eriq Ebouaney), four of Rivoallan's colleagues hatch a plan to avenge their friend's death by executing Markudi and his henchmen in an abandoned building. However, it soon turns out that the gangsters are the least of their worries when the building comes under siege from an army of flesh-hungry zombies, and the two sides must quickly bury their differences and band together to fight the bloodthirsty undead.

French language with English subtitles

This has just been released and is at least £7.99 in the usual places
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Watched this and would recommend it if you like your zombie flicks!
Looks like the film based on the Left 4 Dead game!
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