The Hot Tug. The sailable hot tub £30000.00 @ Firebox

The Hot Tug. The sailable hot tub £30000.00 @ Firebox

Found 13th Jul 2016
What more could you want for an English summer (!) than a floating hot tub. Take 7 of your mates cruising (!) in this electric powered hot tub vessel complete with life jackets and a wood fired heating system.
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Are the mates included?
Yes. They are shipmates...
yeah it rhymes with ship...
maybe I'm just a prude but I'd rather not have my mates round while I have a hot tug.
It all depends on who's in the boat I guess....
How can the Hot Tug not be voted Hot!

"the hot tug"
cold no pantry credit
it won't make you any hotter
So you go off in the hot tub, drinking and having fun, whilst at the same time looking after a wood fire with a skin burning top (maybe side) and chimney. All while wearing a swimming costume.
I just can't think of one thing that could go wrong.

Oh yes, all while on a river with big boats on it, in a plastic tub that must handle like a sumo wrestler.

The mind boggles.

What more could I want? for £30k Id want a piece of land.

Yes. They are shipmates...

£30k for a tug? Depends who's doing it I suppose..

Are the mates included?

Seamen are always included with a hot tug.
Ahoy there, Shiver me timbers and all hands on deck. I won't part with my Pieces of eight, Walk the plank you Scallywags.
I just ordered 6
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