The Hoxton Hotel - July £1 Sale - Starts 12pm Thursday 2nd July
The Hoxton Hotel - July £1 Sale - Starts 12pm Thursday 2nd July

The Hoxton Hotel - July £1 Sale - Starts 12pm Thursday 2nd July

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£1 Sale

Thursday 2nd July
at 12.00pm (midday)

500 rooms at £1 & 500 rooms at £29
Available 1st Aug - 31st Oct 2009


said this expired in 3 minutes or so last time....seems extremely quick to be true...

Anyone tried this sale before?

Do they black out Friday and Saturday nights for £1?

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i got a room for £29 last time you just have to be very lucky as there system can crash

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mine was a saturday night, very nice there

so im assuming fri/sat nights are 29 a pop then?

The site was crash-nasty last time. Ordered a room but crashed before the confirmation

It states on the web site that all the offer rooms have sold out :x

not worth the time. you will sit there refreshing over and over whilst the website crashes
hardly anyone gets them


It states on the web site that all the offer rooms have sold out :x

Starts Thursday 2nd July at 12.00pm (midday) :whistling:


I am the General Manager of the Hoxton Hotel. I wanted to drop a note to confirm that the next sale will be taking place at 12 noon on Thursday 2nd July.

We 'genuinely' sell 5 rooms each night of the year at £1 and 5 rooms each night at £29 and we add in the balance over the weekends to make up the 1,000 rooms that are sold every 3 months.

There are thousands of people who have stayed at the hotel since we opened in September 2006 and I can assure you that this is not a gimmick. It is a true to life promotion.

We have had some blips with our website but our tech guys have worked really hard to iron things out so it is less likely to crash during the sale.

Good luck.

David Taylor.

A "true to life" promotion? :whistling:

This is a real sale but as mentioned above you are extremely lucky to get hold of a room at those prices. It is a great hotel though, stayed there a couple of times and would really recommend it to any one. Quite close to 'old street' tube station if I remember rightly. Also you get a nice breakfast bag included with the room - although I would recommend leaving some room to have a full american breakfast at the Diner Shoreditch.
Im no longer in the country but I hear Shoreditch is getting rather popular for its night life and trendy bars now.

il be trying again but not holding out much hope

Hoax Deal:?:

God, I see what you mean about having to be lucky to get a room. This Flash-based booking system is the worst I've ever seen; it took me ages to work out how to use the damn thing properly, and if the day is booked you have to start all over again! And the calendar selection bit stopped working after that.

Ah well, game over now anyway.

oh yesh my gf managed to get us a £1 room.

This will be our third time there.

good stuff doivey. sold out in ten mins

I got a £1 room too - 2nd time here - Bargain!

From the website:

All 1000 rooms sold out in 10 minutes with a staggering 79,489 people trying to book in the first 5 minutes alone.

All of our £1 rooms sold within 4 minutes and the £29 rooms were sold out within 10 minutes.


Says it all really!


Says it all really!

yeah that it's a farkin good deal (albeit for only a few minutes.. )
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