The Humans (PC) Game £3.71 delivered @

The Humans (PC) Game £3.71 delivered @

Found 4th Jan 2011
The Humans don’t really know much about anything and therefore must be guided in just about everything they do.
The player must guide their tribe of unfortunate homo-sapiens over water and bridges fight dinosaurs and enemy tribesman and discover new inventions to help them on the way.

Learn about creatures of the air and the ground and save any fellow tribesman that may be in peril as they blindly stumble along their quest for enlightenment.

The premise is as simple and engaging as it is immersive and absorbing: YOU must steer your bumbling Humans along the paths of evolution to unlock and discover the ultimate purpose of human life. This is, of course, discovered one step at a time and one level at a time.

With the game being set in early Neanderthal times, the abilities of your Humans are somewhat limited but with the progressive nature of the Game-play, tied into evolutionary discoveries (such as Fire, the Wheel and of course “Human Stacking”).

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