The Hut QUARKIE EARPHONES - GEMSTONE sale price £7.99 Save: £62.00

The Hut QUARKIE EARPHONES - GEMSTONE sale price £7.99 Save: £62.00

Found 21st Dec 2014
The Hut QUARKIE EARPHONES - GEMSTONE sale price £7.99 rrp £69.99 89% off Save: £62.00 on rrp Bargain!!


I never, ever, buy from somewhere which tries such a con ..... RRP means nothing ..... I suspect you may find you have Poundland earphones with some plastic gem looking blob on them ........

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they get good reviews

I remember seeing them earlier in the year in tkmaxx and by my recollection i think they were selling them for about 12-15 quid so it seems quite a keen price...although they were available in a choice of colours and finishes rather than just that purple which i'm not sure being a near 42 year old geezer i'm keen on walking around wearing.

I did google them back then though and from what I could find they were rated as having very good sound quality and performance.

The sound quality is pretty good and for the price it is a bargain.

They sound really good, I bought some last time they were posted. They look really stupid though, hence the price.

Why the cold votes if there's no evidence of bad performance for them?

Were £6.99 last week or two and posted on here.

I know because I bought a pair as a stocking filler.

bought this exact pair on zavvi and socks three pack with £10 masterpass code so only 99p to pay so worth the risk even if they are purple (they sold out of the snake one i wanted)
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