The Hut.   Wii POP !  £14.93. Delivered.  (Pre-Order)  Quidco @ 10%

The Hut. Wii POP ! £14.93. Delivered. (Pre-Order) Quidco @ 10%

Found 6th Feb 2008
Including Gary_Rip's voucher only gave me 5% at checkout which is fine if Quidco tracks but if not you'll lose 5% on this item ! Be aware.

Also be aware this is available at Tesco Jersey for £14.97 with Quidco at 7% and Clubcard Points.…mp;

Horses for courses then on where and how to purchase this game

Normally highly addictive and a great time waster !

POP! is a fast moving action puzzle game where players use the Wii remote to aim the pointer and pop coloured balloons. When a chain of 3 or more balloons is created, the chain is eliminated until the screen is cleared. Players can choose from three exciting game modes:

Story Mode: the goal is to pop all the balloons and clear the screen. As the game advances so does the difficulty!

Puzzle Mode: Eliminate all the balloons within a selected number of moves in order to clear the stage

Challenge Mode: two players battle against each other to clear their side of the screen. Single players can also play against a computer player.
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Clickable link to Tesco Deal…mp;
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]NEVER use Tesco Jersey, they bad men![/SIZE][/FONT] :oops:

£13.95 delivered … £13.95 delivered

Not on anymore:-(
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£13.95 delivered … £13.95 delivered

cuzzy can you provide a direct link to the game on please because I can't find it anywhere. :thinking:
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Not on anymore:-(

Phew thought I was going mad , thanks cheerleader
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mum 2 4 girls;1549376

Now back on … Now back on 101cd.com

Thanks mum24girls Quidco @ 6% for / Blah

Strange set of events here. I get the feeling more and more retailers are keeping a careful eye on HUKD to enhance their sales. :whistling:
Any reviews/screenshots/videos available for this game anywhere?
Am i right in thinking that the release date for this was around 28th Feb when this was 1st posted? :?
It`s now showing the 2nd of May.
Maybe i was thinking of something else. :oops:
mum 2 4 girls;1639108

Am i right in thinking that the release date for this was around 28th Feb … Am i right in thinking that the release date for this was around 28th Feb when this was 1st posted? :?It`s now showing the 2nd of May.Maybe i was thinking of something else. :oops:

I ordered this from CD101 @ £13.95, delivery was supposed to be around the 14th Feb, I then received an email stating that the release date is now 28/02/08. Still not heard anything.:x
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Just checked this through and the release date has been put back until May it seems.

Be aware that if you ordered this through Quidco your 10% payment will probably be showing now as declined, This is what happened on my account so I have actually cancelled my order through The Hut and will see what happenns nearer the release date.

Can't blame The Hut or any other retailer, just something that happens with games nowadays it seems.
Can confirm release date now 2/05/08
Got another email from 101cd and they`ve changed the release date from 02-05-08 to 11-04-08 has 30-05-08, Amazon 29-02-08 most other retailers have 02-05-08 :thinking:
Might be here by xmas :roll:
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