The Inbetweeners [DVD] £7.99 at Amazon & Play

The Inbetweeners [DVD] £7.99 at Amazon & Play

Found 15th Oct 2010
The Inbetweeners [DVD] £7.99 at Amazon & Play

Price matched - Combine the juvenile smut of Superbad with the cringing embarrassment of Peep Show, against the 'stylish' backdrop of Grange Hill, and what do you get? E4's hilarious comedy The Inbetweeners. A super sharp, one-liner packed celebration of the highs and lows of being a teenager. Perfectly capturing the relentless disappointment of suburban adolescence, the show's four main characters yearn for sex, booze and cheap thrills, without the emotional maturity, money or ID to get them. Briefcase-carrying nerd Will (Simon Bird) has recently left the relative sophistication of private school to join Rudge Park Comprehensive, where he befriends Simon (Joe Thomas), Jay (James Buckley) and Neil (Blake Harrison); a group precariously straddling the social gulf between the in-crowd and the outcasts. This release contains the complete first series, and features a wealth of rubbish insults, even more rubbish come-backs, and plenty of mum-jokes. With some invaluable life-lessons on wooing the ladies, bunking off school, getting served in the pub, and why you should always, always remember proper etiquette on a roller coaster.

– Audio commentaries by the writers/cast/ producer
– Video diaries from all four cast members
– The making of documentary
– Meet the cast (what the boys are really like)
– Deleted scenes


This is series 1 only; however the series 1 + 2 box set has been cheaper than £7.99 until recently!

If you want this and can't find it cheaper, you're probably better off waiting for a better bargain, to be honest!


if anyone spots season 1 + 2 for 7.99 let me know! via pm

thanks alot
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