The Inbetweeners - Series 1 - £11.99 Delivered From

The Inbetweeners - Series 1 - £11.99 Delivered From

Found 13th Sep 2008
The Inbetweeners is a six-part series about four teenagers growing up in suburbia; a world of futile crushes, sibling brawls, getting drunk too quickly, fancying the girl next door, casting aspersions on your friend's sexuality and riding rollercoasters.

Will's (Simon Bird) parents have just divorced and he has unwillingly had to move and change schools. Previously enrolled at a private school, where he picked up some snobbish tendencies, Will now attends a comprehensive school and has had to make a new set of friends, Simon (Joe Thomas), Jay (James Buckley) and Neil (Blake Harrison), none of whom are that cool or credible.

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im quite tempted to get this, funny as F....

Mighty funny - is there a series 2?

ahhhh car friend


ahhhh car friend

awww friend

I thought this was going to be terrible when I saw the advertisements on E4 but it turned out to be really funny.

Favourite was the caravan park episode "Try not to rape anyone on the way out, Simon".

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football friend!!!!!!

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Mighty funny - is there a series 2?

Not made but they're going to make one.

Favourite sayings from the series

"Frothing at the gash"

"going after the clunge"

on a flip side you can also use C4 on demand, download and watch these ... but not the same as having the DVD especially as you need the C4 software
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