The Indiana Jones Trilogy (Box Set) - £20.49 or less delivered from CD-WOW

The Indiana Jones Trilogy (Box Set) - £20.49 or less delivered from CD-WOW

Found 23rd Aug 2006
The Indiana Jones Trilogy (Box Set) is £20.49 or less delivered from

Actors: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Kate Capshaw, Ke Huy Quan, Amrish Puri | Directors: Steven Spielberg | Number of discs: 4

The Indiana Jones Trilogy four-disc box set, as has been widely noted, contains the slightly edited version of The Temple of Doom--1 min 6 seconds of cuts according to the BBFC--though this is exactly the same version that was originally shown in UK cinemas and released on video (missing is a bit of extra blood and gore during the heart-ripping scene). By way of compensation, the digitally remastered anamorphic 2.35:1 picture and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound for all three movies are joyfully impressive, the screen crammed full of colour and rich detail accompanied by one of Hollywood's most glorious soundtracks. The fourth bonus disc contains about three hours of additional material, most of which can be found in the new 127-minute documentary that takes the viewer chronologically through the making of the series and includes plenty of interviews and fascinating nuggets of background information. There are also independent featurettes "From the Lucasfilm Archives" on John Williams's music, the sound design, stuntwork and the special effects.

Go through Quidco for 2% cashback. Grab some vouchers to make the deal even cheaper.
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That's a fairly good price, but it has been a wee bit cheaper before Edi:…ana

It seems to go up and down in price by a few quid, much the same as a lot of these movie collections, such as alien or the matrix...

I loved these movies when I was a littl'un
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Thanks emma

With the £2 CD-WOW voucher & Quidco, this canbe around £18... but wee bit more expensive than when previously posted.
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