The Island £1 at Poundland

The Island £1 at Poundland

Found 30th Sep 2009Made hot 30th Sep 2009
Was in the East Kilbride Poundland at lunchtime and saw 15 copies of The Island (with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johanssen).


Good film worth a watch for a £1

Not a bad film at all - popcorn film, but well worth £1.


Johanssen, yum.

nice find

Cheers love this film well worth a quid

Alright film - Well worthy of a pound coin.

Didn't realise that was her. Have seen it too many times on cable (overseas) that I know it backwards. Almost worth not downloading it for a nicker.

It's a pound for a reason... the original is SO much better.

good movie - ace for a pound

very nice movie, it is worth its price lol

i really didnt like the movie! thought it was awful, looks to be all guys posting here, maybe you've been swayed for some reason!?

Voted hot for the price

I liked the movie so its not all guys.

Good film, but even if it wasn't, Scarlett looking incredible for £1 is surely a no brainer....


It's a pound for a reason... the original is SO much better.

didnt know it was a remake - whats the original version?

Film was so-so. Thought the first half was quite good before it turned into a typical over the top Hollywood car chase stunt fest.

But for a quid you can't go wrong though.

Its a pretty good film - well worth a quid. Hot!
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