The Island Umd £3.97

The Island Umd £3.97

Found 23rd Aug 2007
In this action thriller from director Michael Bay ('Pearl Harbour', 'Armageddon'), survivors of global contamination live in a sterile, self-contained world where their every move is monitored. The rules are easy: be pleasant, refrain from asking questions, and don't rock the boat. Everything they need is provided for them, from the white uniforms that magically appear in their closets, to their customized cafeteria-style meals. The survivors all eagerly await their big payoff: winning the lottery and being sent to The Island, the only remaining untainted land in the world. But Lincoln Six-Echo (Ewan McGregor) yearns for more from his life and begins to wonder what really lies outside the thick walls. When his best friend, Jordan Two-Delta (Scarlett Johansson), wins the lottery, he knows that he has to find out the truth about their world before she departs. What he finds is terrifying enough to send Lincoln and Jordan fleeing from the facility to the real world where they quickly discover that they are clones, and that both The Island and global contamination are a ruse. The clones sole purpose is to be harvested for replacement parts when their sponsors need them.With his business now in jeopardy, Dr. Merrick (Sean Bean), the founder of the cloning company, hires a crack team led by Albert Laurent (Djimon Hounsou) to track down his escaped product. Wild chase scenes through Los Angeles circa 2050 are punctuated by high-tech transportation as Lincoln and Jordan run for their lives and try to assimilate into a world that is completely foreign to them. The futuristic set design and visual effects are particularly impressive. McGregor and Johansson both expertly communicate the human element and desire for life that has developed in the two clones, while still finding humour and awe in their childlike naivety.


Voting hot because it's cheap, but aren't UMDs the weirdest format ever eh! With the new PSP having video out capabilities, I was tempted to collect these while they are on offer at 3 for £10 at gamestation, until I realised I could get the DVDs for the same price or even a bit less....
Love the PSP though- best system to hack for years.

post the same..



post the same..

well done you made my view every deal to see what you were saying :w00t:

Voting cold unless dandoc2 puts all those amazon UMD bargains in one thread

Posting so many, individually, is akin to spam - voted cold.

great movie great price.
I thought you voted for the deal, not whether or not you like the way a member is posting?

The deal is supposed to have the postage included in the price - none of these have. :whistling:


The deal is supposed to have the postage included in the price - none of … The deal is supposed to have the postage included in the price - none of these have. :whistling:

I agree, I'm voting them as spam as they do not follow posting guidelines and really there should just be one thread 'Many Cheap UMD at Amazon £3.99 + del' or whatever - much better for the forums.
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