The Jam: 2 For 1: All Mod Cons / Setting Sons [Box set] - £3.99 @ Play.com
The Jam: 2 For 1: All Mod Cons / Setting Sons [Box set] - £3.99 @ Play.com

The Jam: 2 For 1: All Mod Cons / Setting Sons [Box set] - £3.99 @ Play.com

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Reduced to clear. Box set containing 2 of the Jams most highly rated albums (allmusic score both 5/5). Very cheap, especially as each album on its own would cost more!!

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All Mod Cons:

The Jam regrouped and refocused for All Mod Cons, an album that marked a great leap in songwriting maturity and sense of purpose. For the first time, Paul Weller built, rather than fell back, upon his influences, carving a distinct voice all his own; he employed a story-style narrative with invented characters and vivid British imagery à la Ray Davies to make incisive social commentary -- all in a musically irresistible package. The youthful perspective and impassioned delivery on All Mod Cons first earned Weller the "voice of a generation" tag, and it certainly captures a moment in time, but really, the feelings and sentiments expressed on the album just as easily speak to any future generation of young people. Terms like "classic" are often bandied about, but in the case of All Mod Cons, it is certainly deserved.

Setting Sons:

The Jam's Setting Sons was originally planned as a concept album about three childhood friends who, upon meeting after some time apart, discover the different directions in which they've grown apart. Only about half of the songs ended up following the concept due to a rushed recording schedule, but where they do, Paul Weller vividly depicts British life, male relationships, and coming to terms with entry into adulthood. Weller's observations of society are more pointed and pessimistic than ever, but at the same time, he's employed stronger melodies with a slicker production and comparatively fuller arrangements, even using heavy orchestration for a reworked version of Bruce Foxton's "Smithers-Jones." Setting Sons often reaches brilliance and stands among the Jam's best albums, but the inclusion of a number of throwaways and knockoffs (especially the out-of-place cover of "Heat Wave" which closes the album) mars an otherwise perfect album.

Disc 1

1. All Mod Cons
2. To Be Someone (Didn't We Have A Nice Time)
3. Mr. Clean
4. David Watts
5. English Rose
6. In The Crowd
7. Billy Hunt
8. It's Too Bad
9. Fly
10. The Place I Love
11. 'A' Bomb In Wardour Street
12. Down In The Tube Station At Midnight

Disc 2

1. Girl On The Phone
2. Thick As Thieves
3. Private Hell
4. Little Boy Soldiers
5. Wasteland
6. Burning Sky
7. Smithers-Jones
8. Saturday's Kids
9. The Eton Rifles
10. Heatwave


now 10.99

Great price for those that dont already have them but wanna see what the Jam were about, two great albums. (Are we allowed to say Album anymore?) oO


nice find but expired

Yup expired. weird - happened on the nirvana one the other day too.

Saturday's kids live in council houses wear v-neck shirts and baggy trousers.

Original Poster

I guess stock 'reduced to clear' at Play.com is in strictly limited supply.
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