The jimi Hendrix experience live at Monterey HD DVD £1 @ Poundland

The jimi Hendrix experience live at Monterey HD DVD £1 @ Poundland

Found 8th Jul 2010
I know dead format but great for those with 360 drives found in York pound land

American Landing: A documentary that traces Jimi's remarkable transformation from obscurity to his triumphant U.S. 'debut' at the Monterey Festival.
A Second Look: A unique feature that allows viewers to switch between multiple, previously unseen camera angles to view several of Jimi's celebrated performances like never before.
Music Love And Flowers: The Monterey International Pop Festival: A behind the scenes glimpse of the festival's origins, operations, and lasting impact, brought to you by legendary composer, producer and Monterey Festival co-founder Lou Adler.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Live At Monterey features all of the existing film footage from Jimi's incendiary June 18, 1967 concert newly transferred to high-definition, re-edited and presented in its original performance sequence! featuring a whole host of special features and two bonus tracks from The Jimi Hendrix Experience concert in Chelmsford, England - February 25, 1967 - this is The Jimi Hendrix Experience!


1. Killing Floor
2. Foxey Lady
3. Like A Rolling Stone
4. Rock Me Baby
5. Hey Joe
6. The Wind Cries Mary
7. Purple Haze
8. Wild Thing
9. Stone Free
10. Like A Rolling Stone


been listed a number of times....


been listed a number of times....

Once according to the search, just less than a month ago. oO I'm not going to spam it as it's a day or so under a month and this post might benefit someone.
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