The jolly postman book - the book people - £4.99

The jolly postman book - the book people - £4.99

Found 21st Oct 2009Made hot 22nd Oct 2009
I love this book!! the jolly postman book from the book people. free p&p with code

Cheapest i can find

(first post so i hope i've done it right!!!!)


I loved this book when I was little


Thanks for posting TJ17 and welcome to the terrifying world that is deals posting.
Good first post and everything done right

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My god..... I remember this book. AWESOME!

Great book!


I loved this book when I was little

Me too! Brilliant books, always used to love the little letters, cards, puzzles and other things.

oh the irony - brilliant timing.

lol do that actually exist?

One of the best kids books around... streets ahead of this Charlie and Lola sh!te they're pumping out nowadays =/

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don't know if the poster has a wicked sense of humour but voted hot from me :thumbsup:[/QUOTE]

Actually my daughter just asked for it for christmas but i had a giggle to myself!!! :-D

Wow loved this book - ordered - Thanks!!


oh the irony - brilliant timing.

Yes - perfect timing

This is a cracking deal. Had this on my wishlist for a while now and is ALWAYS around the £9.99 mark, so to get such a fantastic book for teaching across all ages is an absolute steal.

Has lots of little pop out sections and letters to pull out and read!



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Wow, did someone make a joke about post strikes? Is that not allowed now?

Amazing book - one of my favourites when I was little (along with Dear Zoo when I was even younger)! Thank you
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