The Karate Kid - 1, 2 And 3 [Steelbook] DVD £4.93 (or £3.93 with voucher) @ The Hut
The Karate Kid - 1, 2 And 3 [Steelbook] DVD £4.93 (or £3.93 with voucher) @ The Hut

The Karate Kid - 1, 2 And 3 [Steelbook] DVD £4.93 (or £3.93 with voucher) @ The Hut

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The Karate Kid
When he is plagued by attacks and the cruel jokes of a gang of vengeful kids, a young teenager takes karate lessons in the hope that it will make him strong. In the end he learns the more important lesson, that fighting is the last answer to a problem, not the first.

The Karate Kid II
Sequel to 'Karate Kid' which continues the story of a young man growing up under the guidance of his Japanese mentor, Daniel and Miyagi travel to Okinawa where they find they are no longer part of a game played by the rules...

The Karate Kid III
When Daniel decides not to compete in a karate championship he becomes the target of a vicious competitor who wants the title back. But when the relentless abuse becomes black-mail, Daniel goes against the sound advice of Miyagi and enters the competition, thus alienating the only person who can help him.


Wack on, wack off.

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Its 4.99 at play.com for Karate Kid 1,2,3 and 4I know which one I'd go for

Me too; the steelbook any day


I didn't like the fourth movie think it killed the franchise,

However 1,2,3 in a Steelbook is better, My OH likes these movies cheers andy


Wack on, wack off.

HUH ? ;-)

Yeah and now hollywood have decided in their genius ways to release a kind of remake of the orginal with Jackie Chan and will smiths kid. Wasnt it bad enough that he was in the day the earth stood still and probably contributed to that remake being sucky

Nice find

Good price for a steelbook with 3 films
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