The Karate Kid 1-3 DVD Boxset (3 Discs) - £9.99 + 10% Quidco!

The Karate Kid 1-3 DVD Boxset (3 Discs) - £9.99 + 10% Quidco!

Found 20th Apr 2007
Karate Kid A fatherless teenager faces his moment of truth in The Karate Kid. Daniel (Ralph Macchio) arrives in Los Angeles from the east coast and faces the difficult task of making new friends. However, he becomes the object of bullying by the Cobras, a menacing gang of Karate students, when he strikes up a relationship with Ali (Elizabeth Shue), the Cobra leader s ex-girlfriend. Eager to fight back and impress his new girlfriend, but afraid to confront the dangerous gang, Daniel asks his handyman Miyagi (Noriyuki "Pat" Morita), whom he learns is a master of the martial arts, to teach him karate. Miyagi teaches Daniel that karate is a mastery over the self- mind and body- and that fighting is always the last answer to a problem. Under Miyagi s guidance, Daniel develops not only physical skills but also the faith and self-confidence to compete despite tremendous odds as he encounters the fight of his life.

Karate Kid 2 The price of honour. The power of friendship. Ralph Macchio and Pat Moritare-create the roles for this sequel. Daniel accompanies Mr Miyagi to his ancestral home of Okinawa, for the boy it s a journey to an exotic new world, offering new clues to his mentor s secret past. For Myagi, it s an opportunity to see his father one last time and to rekindle a romance with his childhood sweetheart. But Miyagi s return also re-ignites a bitter feud with long-time enemy Sato- a feud that involves young Daniel in a brilliant collision of cultures and combat. Now far away from the tournaments, the cheering crowds and the safety of home, Daniel will face his greatest challenge ever when teacher becomes student, and the price of honour is life itself.

Karate Kid 3 Daniel risks loosing it all when he places pride before principle in the dramatic film. When Daniel decides not to compete in the upcoming karate championship, he becomes the target of vicious Cobra Kai student Mike Barnes, who s determined to win the title back. Standing firm, Daniel s mentor and trainer Mr Miyagi instructs him to ignore Mike s threats- and stay away from the tournament. But when Mike s relentless abuse escalates into blackmail, Daniel finds himself forced into competition- and at serious odds with Miyagi, the one person he cherishes the most.

A rather good price!

A shame the 4th isnt included though!

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