The King of Fighters XIV - Day One Edition (PS4) £35 - Amazon

The King of Fighters XIV - Day One Edition (PS4) £35 - Amazon

Found 20th Sep 2016
Seems to be quite expensive everywhere else. Plus there seems to be a bizarre waiting time of 1-3 months. On the plus side, you do get a nice steel book.

Don't think Deep Silver (the publisher) printed that many copies...

Day One Edition includes high quality collectable steel book plus 'Classic Kyo' DLC costume. Play as 'Kyo Kusanagi' in his classic attire, gloriously rendered in 3D

50 fighters battle it out in one of KOF's biggest rosters! 31 returning fighters join the tournament with 19 new characters!CLIMAX CANCELS: KOF's trademark special move mechanic has deeply evolved in KOF XIV. Now chain your special moves together to create ultra-destructive combos!Improved MAX Mode: MAX mode returns deadlier than ever! Unleash EX specials to enhance your attacks and execute even deadlier moves.RUSH Mode: Use your character's 'meter' to perform combos just by tapping the 'Square' button!PARTY BATTLE Mode: Duke it out with up to 6 players in the online "Party Battle" mode! Fight alongside your friends in 3-on-3 versus battles and use the built-in chat features to cheer your team on!Online Modes: Create a KOF XIV profile to easily join the action online and fight on the vastly improved netcode. Train with friends in the 'Online training' mode, or spectate battles and capture replays to analyse fights frame-by-frame.A New KOF Saga: Set several years after the last KOF tournament, KOF XIV continues the tale in the robust single-player story mode. Turned into a worldwide business, individuals and companies partake in a tournament that could decide the fate of the world!3D Evolution: KOF leaps into 3D for the first time while preserving the essence of its iconic visual style and characters. Now all 50 characters and their moves are gloriously rendered in a whole other dimension!


"Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months" lol!!

Saw this earlier, got £32 from Flubit but will wait for another month.

£30 would be the sweet spot for this (says me who paid £38 on release) but for what you get out of the box its a great value release.

Sure the game looks like an early years PS3 title but the roster oozes personality and has some of the most technical fighting gameplay going.

I'm biased though as am a long-term KOF fanboy, so...

^^ this
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