The King Of Kong - £4.99 @ HMV +(7% Quidco)

The King Of Kong - £4.99 @ HMV +(7% Quidco)

Found 15th Oct 2008
The King Of Kong - A Fistful Of Quarters.

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Directors: Seth Gordon
Format: PAL
Region: Region 2
Number of discs: 1
Classification: PG
Studio: Revolver Entertainment
DVD Release Date: 16 Jun 2008
Run Time: 83 minutes

Product Description

In the cut-throat world of Donkey Kong only one man can rule! In this hilarious, critically-acclaimed arcade showdown, an unprecedented rivalry rocks the electronic world to its core! Join novice gamer Steve Wiebe on his quest to destroy the top score of gaming legend Billy Mitchell, the uncontested champion of the Donkey Kong world for over 20 years and find out which of them can truly claim the title King of Kong!


There's more drama in this small documentary than in most serious Oscar contenders. A marriage is on the line, integrity is tested, and friendships falter--all in the name of a video game called DONKEY KONG. THE KING OF KONG may inspire both tears and frustrated sighs, but it's most remarkable for its humour. In the same vein as WORDPLAY and SPELLBOUND, this is a hilarious documentary that enlightens as it entertains. Billy Mitchell is a towering figure in the world of classic video games such as DONKEY KONG and PAC-MAN. He has held records in several games, and his high score in DONKEY KONG (considered the toughest of the old titans) has been unbeaten for decades. But newcomer Steve Wiebe finds purpose in the game after losing his job, and discovers his natural aptitude at the game. The amiable Steve is just as likely to win the 'nice guy of the year' award as he is to best Billy's record, and this film casts him as a classic hero that viewers love to root for.

While Steve is an audience favourite, Billy is a Machiavellian mastermind that rivals any villain from a narrative film. Even though some might argue that the Super Bowl or NCAA tournament is more important, the competition in THE KING OF KONG rivals the most exciting in sports. Thanks to the film's wonderful characters, it's easy to get involved in the drama. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and the people who populate THE KING OF KONG are as fascinating as any screenwriter's creation.


Original Poster

This is one of....if not THE best documentaries I have ever seen. It is utterly brilliant. I have tried to get as many people I know to watch this, and its tough because they immediately just think its only about Donkey Kong, but everyone who who I have mananged to persuade to give it a try has loved it. £4.99 is a bargain...I feel like buying another as a spare !

Original Poster

When you are watching it your just thinking, wish I could be playing one of those clasic games right now, and before you know it your loading MAME up, but it's just not the same as having the actual machine there.

Oh and it's a really addictive film to watch as well.

Is it TIE?

Fantastic documentary, ordering myself a copy of this now, such a good price! Heat + rep added!

saw this in my local gamestation for £4.98 and would have bought it but it said display case, and i guess they were selling a display version with a faded box.

glad i waited, hmv much cheaper with cashback.
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