The Kites are Flying by Michael Morpurgo only £3.99 at Red House free del

The Kites are Flying by Michael Morpurgo only £3.99 at Red House free del

Found 10th Jan 2010
Michael Morpurgo's latest offering in hardback. Cheapest I can find this book. Should be £7.99.

An Amazon review below:

Another wonderfully thought-provoking story from one of my favourite children's authors. The story is set in the West Bank, and is about a local village boy and a travelling English journalist. Said, the local boy, devotes his time to looking after the sheep and tending the crops, but in any spare moment he makes kites. On each kite he writes a simple word, in the hopes of spreading his dream.

Max, the journalist, has travelled to the West Bank in the hopes of creating a film about the wall dividing the Palestinians and the Jews. He aims to make something to show the similarities between both sides, rather than a piece of film that portrays one side as being in the right.

Said and Max, find hope amongst the tragedies of life in an area which has seen many atrocities, leaving the reader with a sense of uplifting hope for the future, and a feeling that maybe Said's dream could be realised one day in the real world too.

As always, however, I must add a cautionary warning to parents of very sensitive children - Michael Morpurgo tackles issues head-on, and does not gloss over the bad bits. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons behind his success, his ability to understand that children have a right, and a desire, to know how things really are in the world in which they live. Michael Morpurgo has woven another beautifully poignant tale, which is very much a book that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The illustrations are striking, and definitely add to the beauty of the story. I would recommend this for children of around 9 and upwards.

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