The Land Before Time (3 DVD Boxset) £2.99* delivered @ CDWow (Journey Through the Mists/The Mysterious Island/he Secret of Saurus Rock)

The Land Before Time (3 DVD Boxset) £2.99* delivered @ CDWow (Journey Through the Mists/The Mysterious Island/he Secret of Saurus Rock)

Found 22nd Apr 2010
The Land Before Time 4 - Journey Through The Mists: Join Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, Ducky, Petrie and shy newcomer Ali on their most exciting adventure ever! It's an all-new, song-filled, animated classic on the continuing story of The Land Before Time.

A herd of migrating Longnecks has important news of weather changes in the regions beyond the Great Valley. What was once dry land has become 'The Land of Mists'. Strange new creatures have begun to appear in these rainy marshes, while still others have moved into the high trees from which the Longnecks used to feed. Fortunately, the Great Valley is as beautiful as ever. There's no need to brave the wetlands - until Littlefoot's Grandpa becomes ill. His one hope is to eat the healing petals of a golden Night Flower that only grows... in the Land of Mists!

Now it's up to Littlefoot and his prehistoric pals to explore the swamps, outwit sly new villains and find the Night Flowers in time to save Grandpa. Along the way, the kids will learn some loving lessons about teamwork, cooperation, and most important of all: that it's great to have friends of all kinds, in all shapes and sizes.

Sparkling with delightful songs, dazzling animation and a heartwarming story, The Land Before Time: Journey Through the Mists celebrates the power of embracing the differences that make each of us truly special!

The Land Before Time 5 - The Mysterious Island: Beyond the Great Valley lies an island of beauty and mystery. In this wondrous place, Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, Ducky and Petrie will discover old and new friends, face exciting challenges, and share the adventure of a lifetime! It's a brand-new, song-filled, animated classic as the ongoing story of The Land Before Time continues.
One day, a cloud of 'Swarming Leaf Gobblers' descends upon the Great Valley and devours every plant in sight. Now the once-lush landscape is barren and empty, and the Valley herds must search for a new home until the leaves grow back. But when quarreling among the adults threatens to separate them, Littlefoot and his prehistoric pals set off on their own.

Their search takes them across the Big Water - where strange creatures live and swim - to the shores of a mysterious island where they become reacquainted with Chomper, the adorable young Sharptooth from The Great Valley Adventure! This time, the tables have turned and Chomper must protect his plant-eating friends from the Sharpteeth of the island - including his own parents!

With dazzling animation, memorable songs, and a story of courage and generosity, The Land Before Time: The Mysterious Island celebrates the gift of lasting friendship, a bond greater than time, separation and differences.

The Land Before Time 6 - The Secret Of Saurus Rock: On the distant edge of the Great Valley stands mysterious Saurus Rock, and twin baby Threehorns, Dinah and Dana, have run away to find it. It's up to Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, Ducky and Petrie to bring him back!

The Land Before Time: The Secret of Saurus Rock is a fantastic adventure filled with fun songs, humour, excitement...and mystery!

Legend claim that Saurus Rock keeps bad luck out of the Great Valley. Is it really true? Could the mysterious Longneck named Doc be the famous Lone Dinosaur, who can defeat a Sharptooth with his lasso-like tail? To find out, Littlefoot and company must cross the Great Valley and face a dangerous Sharptooth themselves!

Along the way, the young dinosaurs learn about change, acceptance and responsibility. If you look close enough, sometimes you can find a hero living right in your own family!

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