The Last Blade 2  £3.99 @ PSN uk

The Last Blade 2 £3.99 @ PSN uk

Found 4th Jan
old school SNK fighter. found on PSN uk.


All of the current reductions are part of the January sale which went very hot just before Xmas:…639
I appreciate that a lot of the retro stuff was not explicitly mentioned but a single post might have been better

Ten PSN deals in 45 minutes is pretty excessive, how many more are you planning to post?

This is getting ridiculous, if people are desperate for HEAT turn the radiator on, make a tea and STOP posting 10 mediocre dealsfrom the same thread!

In one bloody day we've had two deal spammers oO Seriously, one post with all the deal links if it's from the same place is how it's done

Good classic, I don't regret spending the 4 quid

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I won't bother next time

I bought this a few months ago, all trophies earned. Damn fine game, waiting for Garou to drop and that'll be mine too.


I won't bother next time

Please do but you wil generate much more heat and goodwill if you put it all into one thread. This is not a hostile community but spamming posts helps no one.


I won't bother next time

​Pick your dummy back up lad, dust yourself off and keep posting. Just don't spam like a madman (_;)

And the 'coldest person of the day' award goes to...

He's got some ball's if you ask me (_;)


Are you related ?

Nothing to do with me
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