The Last Guardian PS4 C&C £14.99 @ smyths

The Last Guardian PS4 C&C £14.99 @ smyths

Found 20th Nov 2017
£14.99 click and collect

  • An Unlikely Companion: Discover a

    fantastical beast named Trico who will act as companion and protector,

    forging a bond that drives an emotional and harrowing journey.
  • Truly Unique Gameplay – Take control

    of an ordinary young boy who must communicate with his gigantic

    companion in order to overcome obstacles and survive mysterious dangers.
  • A Beautiful Fantasy World: Through

    advanced lighting and particle effects, detailed environments, and

    lifelike character animation, The Last Guardian transports players to a

    breathtaking world filled with crumbling ruins and mysterious secrets to


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One of the best
Any chance of other stores price matching this online?
For balance, I thought this game was garbage, horrible controls and camera, poor performance and tedious gameplay. The set pieces are nice and trico animates well, but that's about the games only redeeming features.
delusion6 h, 40 m ago

Any chance of other stores price matching this online?

This is a very good price but might be worth waiting until Friday just to see what the best deals will be.
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