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The Last Hero by Terry Pratchett - Kindle Edition for 99p @ Amazon

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I enjoy Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, and each month Amazon seem to sell one of them cheap.
I'm gradually buying them all as Kindle books to so I can free up bookshelf space
This month it's "The Last Hero" for 99p.
Not sure how long it'll be 99p for, maybe a just a few days or maybe the whole month.
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    Ah, fair point re reading on a Kindle device.
    And I totally agree that the physical book is lovely. It's a kind of coffee table book, great artwork.
    I can post a couple of photos with the physical book and the tablet version side by side if that helps anyone.
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    I've got this in a large, A4 at least, hardback and it's filled with glorious artwork by Kidby. Worth finding.
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    Thanks @DetMerc
    Only 7 more to get to compete my kindle collection )
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    Amazing, one of the relatively few that I'm missing!
    Ditto, I've been buying them on offer for years. This one hadn't even occurred to me but I think there's one or two from the main series that eludes me. Maybe. No easy way to check!
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    Fab! Only 7 more needed now.
    Thanks op x
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    I have all the disc world books, audiobook versions.
    I like the watch books the best, then witches,
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    Get the physical version instead, the kindle version is crap, almost unreadable
    What device are you reading it on?
    I guess it might be difficult on a phone.
    It looks pretty nice on my Galaxy S7 FE
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    Doesn't work on a kindle due to all the art work. It's a real pain having to zoom in to see anything and artwork looks really poor on a kindle. Haven't tried it on a tablet or laptop.
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    I've probably got about half of the discworld novels on the kindle and they are great, but this is one of the few that doesn't work on that device. Pity as I was hoping for a full set
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