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Posted 28 January 2023

The Last of Us Part I (PC - Steam) - Pre Order - £35.85 @ ShopTo

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Released 03/03/2023

Pre-purchase to receive these in-game items: • Bonus Supplements - Used to increase attributes such as max health, crafting speed, listen mode distance, healing speed, and improve weapon sway • Bonus Weapon Parts - Used to upgrade weapons and craft weapon holsters when you are at a work bench Experience the emotional storytelling and unforgettable characters in The Last of Us™, winner of over 200 Game of the Year awards. In a ravaged civilization, where infected and hardened survivors run rampant, Joel, a weary protagonist, is hired to smuggle 14-year-old Ellie out of a military quarantine zone. However, what starts as a small job soon transforms into a brutal cross-country journey. Includes the complete The Last of Us single-player story and celebrated prequel chapter, Left Behind, which explores the events that changed the lives of Ellie and her best friend Riley forever.
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  1. powerbrick's avatar
    £26 on Epic.
    RockstarRobbo's avatar
    £49.99 on Epic
  2. Royds's avatar
    Can't decide between this or Dead space!
    fishmaster's avatar
    The Last of US games are the pinnacle of story driven gaming. Dead Space is a classic space horror game and nothing like this. So I would play both of them are they are incomparable as genres.
  3. shnako's avatar
    This is the same one they released for the PS3 years ago, but remastered, right?
    Knightknight_1's avatar
    They remastered it for the ps4, this is a ‘remake’ for the latest generation but not from ground up like dead space.
  4. matt020295's avatar
    How ridiculous is it that this is cheaper than the PS5 version, even before its release!
    Westwoodo's avatar
    Sony aren't the darlings everyone pumps them up to be.
  5. LesRLee's avatar
    shopto looks pretty dodgy loads of bad feedback
    wilt's avatar
    I've used them for years without a single problem.
    Physical/Digital, both arrive on time and as stated.
  6. captainboogle's avatar
    Can I give this as a gift to someone with a Steam account on 8 March?
    shakey1981's avatar
    no just send them the code through the chay i you have them on your friends list
  7. abberr's avatar
    I like the game but gosh they milk it so much .. there will be another remaster for ps5 pro and than for ps6 ..
    xybp9's avatar
    Can't wait for the ps6 version. That's gonna be the definitive version. Play anything else and you're just a chump
  8. hurley31's avatar
    Why is this so expensive for a ten year old game? Is this a first time release for the PC or something?
    kane_th_gaming's avatar
    Yep but if you wait 2 months it’ll be below £20
  9. marra's avatar
    Cheapest I've seen so far heat added.
  10. ben.franklin's avatar
    Great price! Hoping this will be Steam Deck compatible.
    danielmackenzie's avatar
    I'd expect it to be. My favourite steam deck games are. Spiderman, days gone and horizon zero dawn. They all work great. I usually steam them from the pc to give me about 6 hours battery and Ray tracing. While the wife enjoys the TV
  11. CreepyDaddy's avatar
    Same price from CD Keys. Link (edited)
  12. Hotdays's avatar
    Why's this cheaper on PC than the PS5? C'mon Sony get a grip!!!
    reckoning's avatar
    I remember a mate saying Returnal was £70 on release! It's like an indie game.
  13. DevilsNeverCry's avatar
    £70 RRP on PS5 and £50 on PC?

    Wonder what the Sony Defense Force have to excuse this.
    SmashingK's avatar
    For a long time the consoles had a £10 set that went to the platform holders (Sony/MS) which is why console games released at £60 versus £50 on PC.

    This gen they've upped that amount so the RRP on current gen consoles is now £70 (definitely too much for this game I agree).

    One of the reasons I always preferred PC was due to overall cost being lower even though I'd initially spend a lot on a decent PC. I still have the Playstation for console exclusives that I don't want to wait for and anything I can wait for I can just buy when cheaper or hopefully play through PS Extra. (edited)
  14. Nick_85's avatar
    Thank you
  15. StephenFoste-46724.67415's avatar
    Won’t get cheaper before launch right ? Pretty much half price of ps5
    RockstarRobbo's avatar
    Hard to say tbh mate if it does won't be by a large margin.
  16. quidmaster's avatar
    Is it me or is the game much better than the HBO series?
    mattymofo's avatar
    It's you I'm afraid
  17. 2fast2kill's avatar
    Its on pc glad i sold my ps5 now lol
    Relievo's avatar
    It's the only reason I was even considering a PS4/PS5
  18. mensy07's avatar
    Il wait till its about £15/£20 already finished the story twice now watching the story so i can wait glad they have gave it a graphics pack update
  19. Owens93's avatar
    A much more reasonable price. Asking for £70 when the remake doesn't even include factions was ridiculous.
  20. FantasticGrape's avatar
    So what's the deal with multiplayer in this game?
    NoNamesLeftWhy's avatar
    there is none for pc
  21. shaggy's avatar
    Sorry numpty question. Is this the very first game in the series that was out on the Xbox or PS years ago? Will I get a physical copy of the game ?if not, where’s the cheapest place where I can get a physical copy for the PC?

    you can tell I haven’t played or even bought any games for many years  
    Bargain99hunter's avatar
    Never been out on Xbox.
    Yes it is the original old game.
    No you won't get a physical copy.
  22. sufy123's avatar
    Why have they released this that late? It's been out for ages on other platforms?
    xhoang's avatar
    They need to make sure the port to the PC is up to a good quality. There are more settings - especially graphical that developers have to consider since not all PCs have the same hardware like a console
  23. montblanc's avatar
    Money for third generation old rope, good rope but still
  24. prudenza's avatar
    Quick Q please? When it says Steam, does one have to have/be on Steam to use it?
    I only use the Epic Launcher for games currently.

    Thanks for helping a noob
    mattymofo's avatar
    Yes mate you have to have a Steam account and steam on the PC.
  25. Nabeelkhuweis's avatar
    Anyone know when the code is released?
  26. Nabeelkhuweis's avatar
    Delayed by 3 weeks
  27. Josh99's avatar
    Do you still get the code right away

    Do you still get the code right away even though the game isn't available yet (edited)
  28. Relievo's avatar
    I wonder how well this will run on the Steam Deck.
  29. MyPetLlama's avatar
    Expired. 404 error
  30. Halfang's avatar
    Same - appears to have been delisted. I can't even get it via search.
  31. Johnny.B.Goode's avatar
    I ordered it on the 29th of January and still have not received the code
  32. MyPetLlama's avatar
    Marked it as expired, mods don't seem to be bothered
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