The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II (PS Vita) £19.99 used @ Grainger games

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II (PS Vita) £19.99 used @ Grainger games

Found 14th Mar
This is pretty good price for a copy of this game that is normally near £30 in price. It's really good and I recommend it for any JRPG fans.



Very tempted. I passed on the first game on vita when it was at grainger games for 14.99 and ended up getting the PS3 version instead. Might get this or wait to see if the ps3 version of 2 comes down.

Edit: Just checked and this IS compatible with PlayStation TV (ps vita tv - whatever you wanna call it) for anyone who has one of them.
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annnnnd its gone

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annnnnd its gone

Unlucky, they have been on sale before though, i played through the first one when it was on sale and decided to get the 2nd one just before that christmas sale ended.


ill keep my eyes peeled. great price if anyone managed to get one.

I desperately wanted to enjoy the first game and forced myself to play through the first 15 hours or so but just couldn't put up with the annoying, over the top anime style over acting and the cliché characters. It's a shame because the actual game system and battles are pretty cool... I wonder how different this is

I imagine it'll be the same amazing anime style acting and cliché characters I reckon. I want it but haven't finished enjoying the first one yet
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