The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Special Edition £40 @ Amazon France

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Special Edition £40 @ Amazon France

Found 24th Jan 2015
The current exchange rate makes this about £40 delivered

If your also buying the New 3DS console for £121.50 add this for just £36 extra!

Can you save the world in 3 days? The Zelda the most mystical of the story captivated you back on Nintendo 3DS. Several months after rescuing Princess Zelda and the world of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Link is seen again become the only hope of an entire people. While it is to ride Epona back into the forest, our hero sees surprised by a man named Skull Kid, a young boy who carries the Majora mask evil. It robs him of his faithful steed, and the Ocarina of Time, before fleeing. Link finds himself strangely screened in the parallel world of Termina where people tell him that the end of the world is near. Indeed Skull Kid would push the moon to crash into Termina and its people ... in 72 hours! 3 days, so this is the time you have to help him find his Ocarina Link to travel in time and find a way to save the world. FEATURES : • A unique New Nintendo 3DS: Great graphics reworked beautifully, and a stabilized 3D so unique and magical lands literally jump to the eyes. The second integrated stick to the New Nintendo 3DS facilitates player progression and control of the camera. The recognition of gyroscopic motion of the New Nintendo 3DS allows for example to aim the bow like a real archer. The bottom screen makes your life easier : Map, inventory, etc. No need to break! • Take the mask : Change masks for change of power, transform Link into Mojo Goron or by Zora. Wearing the Mojo mask for example, Link can bounce on water and spit bubbles, but is vulnerable to fire. • The life of Terminiens, what more strange for a people to know that it remains their only 3 days to live? Some panic, others let themselves die, there are still those who prefer to feign ignorance. The key to saving the world is in them, so you to question them and help them in their lives every day to advance in the adventure. • 3 days to save the world is short, but with Ocarina of Time, you can travel from one day to another to change the destiny of each Terminien and may well counter the curse of the Moon. Termina evolved depending on the day, for example, the Tower of Clock Town grows as the carpenters build it. • Epona is there to help you through the plains of Termina, this mysterious place, a kind of parallel world . The world of Hyrule • The puzzles in the dungeons will not withstand your ability to change appearance and your dexterity to use bow and other bombs. HISTORY : After defeating Ganondorf, Link continues his quest for identity through the woods lost where it crosses a Skull Kid, a young boy wearing the evil Majora's Mask. It robs Link Epona, his trusty steed, and the Ocarina of Time, before fleeing, leaving Link disappear in a world parallel to Hyrule: Termina. The people of Termina inform Link sinister fate promised their world: the threat Moon from crashing into them ... in only 3 days! This would likely be linked to the same Skull Kid that Link had previously crossed. To prevent the Apocalypse, Link must awaken the giant 4 World Termina, only they are able to push the Moon. To achieve his quest, Link can not do without his Ocarina of Time, so he hastens to chase Skull Kid! CHARACTERS : • Link : The hero has the green tunic is back, not to save the princess Zelda, but to save the world this time! • Skull Kid : Appeared suddenly Link to this boy has a strange and mysterious mask, which contains the powers of an unsuspected power. • Taya : A fairy somewhat pretentious and annoying . Despite his character, Link can count on it in this adventure. Her brother is the fairy accompanying Skull Kid. • Epona Fidel steed Link, accompanies from The Legend of Zelda:. Ocarina of Time • The Mask Seller : Former owner of Majora's Mask, it is the only truly know the evil powers that haunt it. • The tribe Mojo : This vegetable people live in a palace surrounded by water from Woodfall. By royal decree, the palace is forbidden to non-Mojos. • The Goron tribe : The Goron live east in the mountainous area of Snowhead. Qu'habitués well at low temperatures, they do suffer from a curiously cold climate. • The Zora tribe : It aquatic people are very sensitive to climate change. Indigos, the famous Zora group, a hit among all races. INNOVATIONS : The Zelda to the most unique atmosphere resurfaced under the mask of the new Nintendo 3DS. Link then sees change in scenery with graphics reworked with the addition of visual effects that enhance immersion. The game takes on another dimension when the 3D effect is on, even more stable is thinner on the new Nintendo 3DS. Recognition of the New Nintendo 3DS motion also allows you to use the arc Link as if you were holding yourself by moving the console!

This pack contains:
The game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D
A Steelbook
Metal badge Mask
A double-sided poster
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Jco83, you copied and pasted right?

Jco83, you copied and pasted right?

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£40? Complete insanity!
£40 is a mere token amount for Zelda. 3ds only, is very upsetting! Do you know how much lies I am going have to tell as a 44 year old woman going to but a 3ds! My daughter refuses me the use of hers now.
You might want to message them, I don't think they'll be checking dead threads. IT ALSO HELPS NOT TO SHOUT AT PEOPLE!
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