The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass: DS (Instore £13.49, after 10% off) @ Zavvi EDIT: NOW 20% off, at £11.99

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass: DS (Instore £13.49, after 10% off) @ Zavvi EDIT: NOW 20% off, at £11.99

Found 6th Jan 2009Made hot 6th Jan 2009
Great game for the DS, great price. On clearance at £14.99, and once brought to till comes up as £13.49. Bought in Belfast Zavvi, several available in both Belfast stores, should be UK-wide. 1st Post, don't kill me!!!


Amazing Game Amazing Deal

Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy

Played this game on the DS when it was launched and it's fantastic fun!!! It will last you hours and hours.
At £13.50 I think it's a bargain.

Picked this up on saturday, yet to play but only heard good things.....

Thought it had been posted, should have posted...

recommended game

Excellent game, even better price. Might pop into Zavvi after work tomorrow to see if they have any left (Newcastle store).

Good find. Rep and heat.

£12.99 in the Nottingham store :thumbsup: (I think this is before the 10% too!)

Best DS game I have played so far. Was hooked for hours about a year ago....

Zelda along with Pokemon are the best value games on the DS even at £20 when you consider the amount of time you'll be entertained and the enjoyment you'll get out of them. And at this price it's a bargain.

good price for a very good game. got pretty far into it but haven't played it in a while. deal has rejigged my memory. heat added. btw, a few weeks back now (just bfr xmas) but i managed to pick up Castlevania : Portrait of ruin on the DS in the mk branch for £8. Was kind of a spare of the moment purchase but have to say this is an excellent game which up until recently I was unable to put down. don't know if this game is available in many stores but it's excellent, especially for such a cheap price.
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