The Legend Of Zelda: Sheik Statue - £39.99 @ Play

The Legend Of Zelda: Sheik Statue - £39.99 @ Play

Found 26th Jan 2009
wOOt... yeah £40 quid is silly money for a statue... yup indeedy! Although "Highly limited at only 2,500 pieces available worldwide."
"First 4 Figures is proud to present Sheik, the fourth collectible statue in First 4 Figures"

I wanted the second collectible statue myself: Skull Kid…,46

But they are all sold out! =*(

So Sheik will have to do:…,50

I'm not keen on Sheik (Zelda passes herself off as a young Sheikah male known as Sheik) but an investment is an investment.

I've also been playing Majora's Mask again (Kewlies) hence why i've brought Sheik myself (But she's not in that Zelda game... lol).

The main reason I've gone for this is the likely hood of Sheik showing up in future Zelda games which will increase the desire of this statue (She's already in Super Smash Bros. Brawl). So it's upto you guys... if you're not keen on this yourself but don't mind spending more cash on an excellent one, I'd go for the "Ocarina of Time Link"…48/


£29.99 + £2.50 delivery at Forbidden Plant ]Link

Would hardly call 8"" a statue.

Nintendo "Gotta Flog Em All"

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£29.99 + £2.50 delivery at Forbidden Plant ]Link

Hey thanks for your reply. Did you do a manual search for it on forbiddenplanet's site?

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Would hardly call 8"" a statue.Nintendo "Gotta Flog Em All"

Yeah I see what you mean.

Some people like this stuff.

I do like the design/colours of the characters from Zelda but not the price, £5 and I would get 1 maybe 2 or the full set.

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lol I just found it on the Forbidden Plant site through google seach myself... I was too quick to buy! =I heh.

Yeah you're right Dontasciime I do think it's down to the "limited" amount if anything... *Shrugs*.

One's £196 on eBay with 24 hours to go nowadays!

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I still have this, Skull Kid and the Blue Link.

I just bought a Princess Zelda, who knows, maybe in 6 years time that will be worth 5 times what I paid for it! Here's hoping!

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They do seem to increase in value. That's for sure. I stopped buying them because the paint work is poor for the amount of money you're paying. All of mine have mistakes which I personally would have classed as making them seconds but they just went ahead and sold them.

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I've put mine on auction now. Figured I might as well with it just being in the loft for six years.
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