The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Wii £13.30 Free P&P
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Wii £13.30 Free P&P

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Wii £13.30 Free P&P

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This is priced up at £46.00 but by using the following codes I have managed to get it for £13.30 delivered... The cheapest I have seen this game was on these forums at £20 from Argos.

20% off electricals (xx086) codes
£23.50 off £45 spend (ZQ055)

You could also try Quidco (4.5%) bringing the total to £12.70


xx086 doesn't work


xx086 doesn't work

Then try XX066. Ordered. Voted hot. Many thanks OP.


Then try XX066. Ordered. Voted hot. Many thanks OP.

doesn't work too. says promotion code taken

Don't know why it is cold worked for me £13.30 delivered cheers :thumbsup:

Works here. Voted hot.

i already posted this deal.

Worked for me to

I thought littlewoods was 6%? Littlewoods direct is 4.5%... not sure of the difference!

Not working for me???

this works, its not expired at all!
(Although i couldnt get it work when i went through quidco)

The discount will NOT show in your basket - its applied on the page just before you enter your card details

Voted hot!

Works fine for me, and through Quidco as well. (If it tracks, and only on the VAT-less price.)

2 weeks delivery window, mind, but at £13.30 I'm not complaining.

Thanks to the OP.

I agree this is not expired, but they have dropped the price to £40 now for Zelda, which means it is too cheap for the 23.50 voucher.

So I added some Jeans socks for £6 to top it up.

For me the 20% off voucher did not work, but the 10% voucher I found in the vouchers section did.

Thanks for this, just placed order, both codes accepted. Voted hot.

was back at £46

just used codes as above - used code xx066 for the 20% though - worked for me



works for me.

nice one

Works fine, bet tis a no show though

I used te codes for wario ware and a nunchuck! Thanks very much op

Just did it and got confirmation - lets see what turns up!
Cheers Sykobabble

I have just cancelled mine as the confirmation e-mail did not have the discount on phoned cs and they said they are not being honoured.:x

Anyone else get charged full price when ordered? I've ordered but can't access my mails at the mo.

Not had any confirmation mail - i just printed out the online receipt. Fingers crossed!

Just had my confirmation email and has details of the discount codes and a final price of £13.30

I had the confirmation email saying £13.30 but when I checked my order on the site, it says £36. Tried to ring them but the number just kicks me out because they are busy :x


I had the confirmation email saying £13.30 but when I checked my order on … I had the confirmation email saying £13.30 but when I checked my order on the site, it says £36. Tried to ring them but the number just kicks me out because they are busy :x

I won't be phoning, because if they charge me £40 when I have a receipt for £13 and don't bother pointing out the difference, that's bascially an unauthorised payment.

I quite hope they're that sloppy.

I got the E-mail comformation total price £13.30
I Have just checked my bank online and £36.80 has came out...
Not happy at all :-(
I think i will be on the phone any time soon

Anyone know where i stand before i ring them up?
Can they just cancel the order and refund??
Are they allowed to do this?

CS Closed at the mo - first thing in the morning..
Any one else been charged the full amount?

Cant see whos taken it at the moment as its pending on my card but as the amount is for £36.81 looks like is them

can i ask whats better zelda or mario soccer?


ZQ055 £20 + FREE DEL. Voucher rules not met.
anyone know why?

The £23.50 should be refunded to the card as a seperate transaction and is not always refunded on the same day the money is taken - normally the day after if not the same day. They normally take the full amount (less your percentage discount) then refund the other discount. Might be worth waiting to see if they do this before phoning them incase they decide to cancel your discount and/or order if you bring it to their attention (made this mistake once before). If the item arrives and they've not given the discount it can always be sent back.


ZQ055 £20 + FREE DEL. Voucher rules not met. :(anyone know why?

There is a minimum spend which I think is £45??

Im suprised they can charge you more than you have payed for at the checkout.
Surely this is not allowed???
If it said £13.30 at the checkout - as it did - and they charge you £30+ this is dodgy dont you think?

Well technically not...once we place the order we are only making an offer, it is only when the item is dispatched that the acceptance occurs on behalf of the company....i'm sure in their terms and conditions they state that only one promo code can be used at a time, so at the end of the day we'd are breaking the terms and conditions by using multiple codes

But i'm sure someone can somehow challenge the fact that we are made unaware of the final price, and they should inform us of the full price before dispatch?

Thanks..stig....had to add more to my basket for some reason, ended up paying £16..still a bargain i suppose not forgetting quidqo

Any sign of the voucher refund for anyone?

No voucher refund yet - or game....
Waiting game it is then...

Well, following my bravado earlier, I've cancelled my order, mainly due to this in their T&Cs:

2.3 Where you have redeemed a promotional code or any other offer ("a Code") against your order, acceptance of this order is subject to our verifying that the Code has been issued to you personally, that you comply with all the terms of the offer and qualify for the Code. In the event that the Code has not been issued to you for your personal use or you do not qualify for the offer, the price of the order will be adjusted notwithstanding any email or other confirmation that you receive.

You could argue that they should let you know before charging the full amount, but then I assume they'd just say "Fine, we'll have our game back, then."

I was a bit worried about having jumped the gun if the voucher refund does come through later, but the full amount came out my account on Wednesday and there's been nothing since.

Nice try though. Looks like I'll have to swap Mario Strikers for Zelda and a tenner at Blockbuster.

ZQ055 £20 + FREE DEL. Voucher rules not met.
XX066 Out of date code

First it accepts the codes and on the receipt screen I get the above, dont think I will go ahead with this.

Game turned up today, Gits still have not refunded the origional charge though so will have a nag and send it back.

27 June 2007 Littlewoods LIVERPOOL. £36.80

My game turned up today as well.
If you log into your littlewoods account on there website and click on "Statements".
Today i have a credit of 23.50 (4 JUL - 23.50CR)
It is not showing in my bank yet but it looks like they are doing it.
Ill keep checking my bank and let you all know...
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