The LG SolarDOM light oven £149.99

The LG SolarDOM light oven £149.99

Found 2nd Oct 2007
To all thoughs who missed out when it was £129.99

The LG SolarDOM light oven is a breakthrough in cooking technology. Halogen light means it cooks up to 3 times faster than conventional ovens (2300w convection)and uses only 50% of the energy compared with a conventional electric oven. With its light wave technology the SolarDom thaws frozen food, cooks vegetables, grills meat and heats.

All thanks to bingsy for this
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Ordered this last Sunday night as a promotion for £129.99 + free delivery from Comet.
Definetly worth the money, arrived yesterday.
I've just reserved at store with no problem at all .

Follow this link & add to basket etc as the above link shows no option to buy :…dom

Don't forget Quidco as well .
that's a cold deal??? Well, i've made it a bit warmer...perhaps someone should turn the oven on!
...struggling to find reviews of this

is it a counter-top microwave replacement?
I missed out on the £129 deal as i had just bought a microwave which ended up going back anyway, so when I went into comet yesterday I noticed it had been reduced to £149 and was pleased but the more I thought about it, the more i decided not to get it. The main reason being it was very big. I had a feeling it would take up the whole of the worktop, in depth, plus it was black and looked old fashioned. Standing out like a sore thumb sprung to mind.
Some folks I stayed with had one of these and it was a cracking bit of kit. Best baked spuds i've had out of a micro/combi and a doddle to use. They paid around £350 for it I think so at this price my folks have one arriving on Thurs as a random pressie. Cheers to OP.

Edit: As mentioned above, it is a bit bigger than standard micro/combi's.
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