The Life of Mammals Box Set (DVD) (4 Disc) - £5.99 @ Bee

The Life of Mammals Box Set (DVD) (4 Disc) - £5.99 @ Bee

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Cheapest I've seen this and a fab price compared with elsewhere:-
Zavvi £9.85
Amazon UK £9.93 £9.99 £10.39
HMV £12.99

David Attenborough presents the biggest ever wildlife series devoted to mammals.

A Winning Design: From the tiniest bat to the massive blue whale, all mammals share the ability to nurture their young on milk and regulate their own temperatures.

Insect Hunters: Mammals from tiny shrews to giant anteaters have specialised in eating insects. Some have even pursued their prey into the skies.

Plant Predators: The plant eaters take on the largely indigestible, spiny and poisonous defences of plants with some spectacular physical adaptations to diet.

Chisellers: Special tools like chisel sharp front teeth and underground dwelling enable this group of mammals to feast on roots and seeds.

Meat Eaters: Predators and prey must evolve speed, endurance and manoeuvrability to outwit each other, and the pack hunters must maintain order in the ranks.

Opportunists: A mammal capable of having a varied diet can be highly adaptable and exploit new environments including the cities where they thrive.

Return to The Water: With perfect streamlined bodies and great underwater speed, seals, dolphins, porpoises and whales became the new hunters of the sea.

Life in The Trees: A range of adaptations from sucker-feet to gripping tails help the tree dwellers to survive, and in the dark forest super senses come in to play.

Social Climbers: The daily hubbub of monkey life, only those with a talent for social wheeler-dealing get ahead, driving the shift towards larger brains.

Food for Thought: The natural world was transformed when one great ape began to walk upright - us. But why has this led to the development of our extraordinary brains?

Special Features
* 2 x 50 minute featurettes: 'Making Of' and 'Behind The Scenes'
* Original score
* Photo gallery
* Fact Files
* Interactive menus
* Scene selection


Great Series Can't Beat a DVD with an Attenborough In it !!!!

Good find.

Wonderful series, BBC doing what it does best. it and feel guilty for not paying more.

Great - ordered - agree with Boz he's a legend.

Great find, great deal, great series, thank you for this - sweet!!
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