The Lives of Others (DVD) - £3.49 @ Amazon & Play
The Lives of Others (DVD) - £3.49 @ Amazon & Play

The Lives of Others (DVD) - £3.49 @ Amazon & Play

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In East Berlin in 1984, the secret police, known as the Stasi, are gaining more and more control, spying on German citizens, and recruiting thousands of them to spy on each other. Captain Gerd Wiesler (Ulrich Muhe) has been ordered to find something on playwright Georg Dreyman (Sebastian Koch), so he sets up a surveillance room and listens closely as Dreyman, his actress girlfriend, Christa-Marie Sieland (Martina Gedeck), and various suspected radical friends gather in their apartment. But when Wiesler discovers that culture minister Bruno Hempf (Thomas Thieme) cast suspicion on Dreyman only so he can have his way with Sieland, the master interrogator and torture teacher starts taking a long look at just what it all is about. THE LIVES OF OTHERS, co-written and directed by first-timer Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, is a tense, compelling thriller about a critical time in German history. Muhe is mesmerising as the complicated Wiesler, a loyal soldier until he learns too much. The wildly talented Koch is outstanding as Dreyman, a man with a lot to say but desperate to avoid the same fate as his mentor, theatre director Albert Jerska (Volkmar Kleinert). Inspired by actual events and real characters, THE LIVES OF OTHERS was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2007. Interestingly, during and after the filming of the movie, several of the actors (including Muhe) found out that they or their families had been victims of the Stasi--and in one case, the father of an actor (Charly Hubner) was revealed to have been a member of the Stasi himself.


brilliant film

^^ Yip, I agree

Very nice ending with the book.

One of my most favourite films ever. My wife is from East Germany and has told me how the Stasi was regarded and how much fear the brought with them.
This is a must for any movie fan, add this to Das Boot and Goodbye Lenin and you will have 3 cracking German movies.

Very few will have seen this great film, although many will have seen crud like Sucker Punch.

Go figure.

Borderline masterpiece, WATCH IT!

I have to agree - a brilliant film!

Simply a beautiful, Oscar-winning film at a great price.

Some good people on HotUKDeals today! This and Let The Right One In on the same page! Heat to all! This film blew my socks off - loved the ending too!

Agreed, very good film, DVD has been this price (even lower a while back) for some time though.

Worth adding "Das leben der anderen" to the title? As that's the films proper title.

Great film and properly horrifying as you realise just how much the Stasi intruded on these peoples lives.

Such a good film, one of my favorites!!

Best foreign language film ever - bargain


Best foreign language film ever

ha ha

Brilliant film

Nice find OP
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