The Long Earth (Long Earth #1) by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter 99p on Kindle @ Amazon

The Long Earth (Long Earth #1) by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter 99p on Kindle @ Amazon

Found 18th Jan
First in a five-book series. You can currently get the second for £1.99, but the rest aren't so cheap.

1916: the Western Front. Private Percy Blakeney wakes up. He is lying on fresh spring grass. He can hear birdsong, and the wind in the leaves in the trees. Where has the mud, blood and blasted landscape of No Man's Land gone?

2015: Madison, Wisconsin. Cop Monica Jansson is exploring the burned-out home of a reclusive (some said mad, others dangerous) scientist when she finds a curious gadget - a box containing some wiring, a three-way switch and a...potato. It is the prototype of an invention that will change the way Mankind views his world for ever.

And that is an understatement if ever there was one...
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A good read and an interesting concept. Reminded me a bit of Jules Verne in the world-building and I would say more like Baxter's work than Pratchett's.

The 5 book series is available in paperback from The Works for £12 in case anyone is interested.
I enjoyed mine. From the works.
Never finished the first book, and I'm a big fan of Pratchett's books. This was so boring. I may try again though, when I have nothing else to read.
Great book and for that price, hard to refuse
Read the series after getting the box set from The Works. Interesting to read the books, my feedback would be it looks a limited input from Sir Terry and mostly Baxter’s as @rivellangel also states. Worth a read though.
This was published in 2012. Looking at the difference in quality between Snuff (2011) and Raising Steam (2013) I think you can pinpoint where Terry's health really began to decline so I doubt he had a huge amount of input in the actual writing of this.

Just to clarify, I loved the writing of Sir Terry and although I enjoyed Raising Steam it just didn't feel as finely crafted as the novels of the 90s and early 2000s and I wonder whether his Alzheimer's meant that it was impossible to remember exactly what he'd written a hundred pages ago or be able to go back and edit and hone the writing so it felt to me more like a draft.
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