The Longest Journey £1.49 @ GOG

The Longest Journey £1.49 @ GOG

Found 21st Apr 2018
I'm surprised no-one's posted this as a deal....(I did search, but we all know that searching is broken)

This game is worth the asking fee just for the music in the cafe! :-D

I'll shut up now cos I'm not very good at posting deals.
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oops, I forgot the pic.

Shovel the ice on me :-p
If you can't be bothered to buy the game to listen to the music....

I think i linked to the songs I mentioned (cafe songs) in the ost

nope, that didn't work - just ff to 55 minutes. The music is very zero 7 esque.

I'm not going to apologise for liking the simple things!
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great game for a train journey..for many of the UK's rail networks...
They've made a game out of the Maplin store closing story?!
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