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Posted 2 September 2022

The Lord of The Rings Trilogy on Kindle - Free @ Amazon prime members

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Linking in with the new Prime series that starts today, they have made the trilogy of books free with Prime Reading which is a great deal.

Hope it helps someone.
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The Hobbit also also free to borrow with prime.

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  1. Avatar
    The books are NOT free to keep. They are only on loan from the Prime Reading Library.

    if you cease to have a Prime subscription, you will no longer have the books.
  2. Avatar
    Thanks OP. All 3 books & Hobbit free for me with amazon prime. I don't have kindle unlimited. Happy days.
    Not to keep though
  3. Avatar
    Mistakenly clicked cold thinking it was the new amazon series.
    Sorry OP
    I watched first two episodes other day and found it decent. Some parts were a little doll but good 8/10 so far.
  4. Avatar
    Sky sports channels are also free
  5. Avatar
    Free to read - not free to buy (so very different to any other titles listed on HUKD as "free" when you have Prime).

    I assume there's no telling when they'll remove the offer - probably after their marketing for the series has finished.
    This deal description is wrong then, it says free which they aren't as they are only free to read.
  6. Avatar
    Hate to be that guy but technically not free as you have to pay for Prime.
    I put it in deals as I thought this too but it was moved to Freebies by admin.
  7. Avatar
    This is not showing as free for me, just free if you have kindle unlimited
  8. Avatar
    I don’t understand the logic here? You pay a subscription to read millions of books for free, and the deal is, 3 books are also included in that subscription?

    In which case I think I have solved the energy crisis. I have free gas and electric with my energy subscription, I pay a nominal fee each month based on how much free energy I need and then I use it.
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    In relation to the last 3 people who have posted (above razwaz)...read my post properly. I put free if you have prime reading. It really isnt a hard concept to get your head round. Cheers. (edited)
    Sounds like a misleading headline for heat if this is the case. Cheers.
  10. Avatar
    Misleading. Should mention free with prime readings in the title
  11. Avatar
    I don't see how this is a deal if you have to have kindle unlimited.
    you don't. you just need amazon prime. it's titled wrong. edit: reported and now fixed. (edited)
  12. Avatar
    Thank you, post is perfectly clear , heat given
  13. Avatar
    Kindle price
  14. Avatar
    The new series is fabulous.
  15. Avatar
    God what is so hard to understand. Heat
    Thank you. Your comment will probably get deleted like mine did for pointing this out but its appreciated nonetheless.
  16. Avatar
    Thanks OP, great find! Have some er free heat!
  17. Avatar
  18. Avatar
    Might reread, but I do books but they are a brick sized
  19. Avatar
    Can’t see anyone to redeem them? Only saying buy them and I have prime.
    Try clicking the books individually maybe?
  20. Avatar
    Charged me £5.49
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