The Lost Boys DVD; £2.99 @ HMV; 77% off!!
The Lost Boys DVD; £2.99 @ HMV; 77% off!!

The Lost Boys DVD; £2.99 @ HMV; 77% off!!

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Lost Boys
£2.99free uk delivery
RRP £12.99 - Your saving £10.00

Availability: in stock shipping in 24 hrs

A quid cheaper than Play.com, £1.29 chaper than Amazon and loads cheaper than everyone else.

Credit to Kassy for finding the same deal as I did but not bothering to post it for all to see.


77% off ! :w00t:

Nice deal hijack :x : hotukdeals.com/ite…t=4 At least give Kassy2005 credit for finding it :whistling:


Rep to the Original … Rep to the Original posterherehttp://www.hotukdeals.com/item/507788/the-lost-boys-dvd-play-com-3-99-69-/showpost.php?p=6639730&postcount=4

+1 :whistling:

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Nice deal hijack :x : … Nice deal hijack :x : http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/507788/the-lost-boys-dvd-play-com-3-99-69-/showpost.php?p=6639730&postcount=4 At least give Kassy2005 credit for finding it :whistling:

I would, if I hadn't already found it before reading the threads to the Play.com post (but you'll just have to take my word for it).

Still - good to see a great deal going cold 'cos you think the poster stole the idea from someone else - best I buy the £4.28 one from Amazon then :-D

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77% off ! :w00t:

That was a dig at the "69% off" claim from the Play.com post.
Of course it's not 77% off, because it had no business being £12.99 in the first place (just like all the half-price £80 bike deals).

Actually posted to prove (to myself) it would go cold because none of you guys actually vote on the deal itself, you're all biased (quite heavily) by the retailer, the poster, or the fact you don't like the product.
Hot & cold votes normally have very little to do with whether it's a good deal or not.
Point proven I think ;-) largely waste of time site I think.

Rep & heat for good point x

thank you for all the rep guys much appreciated

didnt post the deal as i was just dashing out the door & after " BOTHERING " to mention the deal in the other post i figured someone would post it anyways... sorry


+1 :whistling:


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