The Magnificent Seven [Box Set] DVD (4 Discs) @ only £7.89 delivered

The Magnificent Seven [Box Set] DVD (4 Discs) @ only £7.89 delivered

Found 7th Sep 2008
The Magnificent Seven - In the blistering heat of the Mexican Sierra, a village trembles in fear - waiting for the savage onslaught from Calvera and his bandidos. Terrorised, robed, humiliated, the villagers are desperate to hit back and set off for the American border to buy guns. But in their quest they come across seven awesome weapons of destruction: a group of hard-riding, mercenary Western gunmen who will ride with them to the village and take out the bandidos.
Led by Chris Adams, the seven find themselves plunged into a terrifying struggle - and a fight of the life of the village.
Return of the Magnificent Seven - the mission: to rescue kidnapped farmers forced in to slave labour by an army of lawless bandits, 100 strong.
The odds are great, but the seven, with six-guns blazing, ride again towards the ultimate showdown and once more into legend.
Guns of the Magnificent Seven - When Mexican dictator Diaz's forces capture a passionate young revolutionary, the prisoner's chief lieutenant offers a notorious desperado a huge reward to break him free and restore hope to the country's citizens. But first, the infamous mercenary will need to gather his team of frontier warriors ...
The Magnificent Seven Ride - the Magnificent Seven take to the trail again, with an embittered town Marshall tracking a young gunslinger who has killed his wife. He is joined along the way by an Eastern newsman, and five escaping outlaws ¿


Only 54p cheaper than the Hut group, who give higher quidco

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Only 54p cheaper than the Hut group, who give higher quidco

It might of escaped your notice, but not everyone uses quidco. :roll: Deals should be merited on their own without Quidco. Quidco is only a bonus!

I saw this yesterday. I'd been watching the first couple of episodes of the first season of the recent series (with Eric Close, Ron Perlman, Michael Biehn etc.) and thought I really should own the movie. Almost bought this box until I realised at least two of the sequels suck ;-)

So I got the special edition of the first one for £3.85 instead.
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