The Man Who Sued God DVD £4.44 delivered at Amazon

The Man Who Sued God DVD £4.44 delivered at Amazon

Found 16th Apr 2010
Has your flight been cancelled due to the volcanic ash? Insurance refusing to pay up?

For those that haven't see it - 'The Man Who Sued God' is a great film starring Billy Connolly who takes god to court when his insurance won't pay out for "acts of god"

The Man Who Sued God defies simple definition, managing to be several types of movie all at the same time. As a theological-romantic-comedy-drama, it's in a somewhat unique category all of its own. Perhaps only Billy Connolly could carry off a central role that combines slapstick with raging anger, puppy-dog disappointment and strong language delivered in his distinctive accent. These facets of performance are used and abused in a tale that feels like it really ought to be based on a true story, but isn't.

Connolly's life as a fisherman is sunk by the destruction of his boat by a bolt of lightning. The insurance company won't pay up because it falls under that age-old excuse of being an "Act of God". So Connolly decides to sue the deity. The premise raises issues about how the law and the church have apparently conspired together. But at heart the film is a simple character study, so any pondering on legal or theological implications will have to be done on your own time; the screen is occupied with family issues, underhand dealings and a maybe-maybe romance with Judy Davis. Big Yin fans at least will enjoy the Connolly's composite character.


really enjoyed this film, was only thinking about it recently. seems fair price, couldn't probably rent it for much less.

If you don't wish to own your own copy and can receive Channel 5's other station Fiver, you can watch it on Monday 19 April @ 21:00.

It's on the TV right frickin now! :roll:
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