The Margaret Lockwood Collection 6 Disc Boxset @ HMV £9.99

The Margaret Lockwood Collection 6 Disc Boxset @ HMV £9.99

Found 4th Jun 2009
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Actress Margaret Lockwood was Britain's leading box office star of the 1940s. Rising to fame in Alfred Hitchcock's thriller THE LADY VANISHES in 1938, Lockwood became synonymous with villainess roles, such as the highly successful THE WICKED LADY.

The Wicked Lady (Dir.Leslie Arliss) (1945): The lusty, bawdy, epic story of England's legendary highwayperson Lady Barbara Skelton, who married a nobleman, lusted after a highway-man, and sought the love of the only man she could never have...

Actors Margaret Lockwood, James Mason, Stewart Granger & Jean Simmons

Love Story (Dir. Leslie Arliss) (1944): After successful pianist Lissa Campbell is diagnosed with a terminal heart defect, she vows to make her last months worth living. She takes a trip to Cornwall where she meets Tom Tanner, Kit Firth and Judy Martin.

Bank Holiday (Dir. Carol Reed) (1938): Various people set off on an August bank holiday, including a raucous Cockney family, a would-be beauty queen, and two young lovers - whose relationship starts to come apart when one has to deal with a bereavement at the hospital where she works.

Give Us The Moon (Dir. Val Guest) (1944): A young man, Sascha, joins a group call 'The Elephants' whose principle is to abide by a complete disregard for work. However chaos ensues when the group decides to help run the hotel owned by Sascha's father!

Highly Dangerous (Dir. Roy Ward Baker) (1950): When British Intelligence discovers that a (mythical) Iron Curtain country is developing insects as weapons they dispatch entomologist Fraces Gray to get into the county and collect specimens. However her cover is almost immediately blown on her arrival and her contact is murdered...

The Lady Vanishes (Dir. Alfred Hitchcock) (1938): Intrigue and espionage, and the effects on the lives and futures of passengers aboard a Trans-Continental Express emerge, when a girl traveller (Margaret Lockwood) returning from a holiday, strikes up an acquaintance with a middle-aged English governess who, during the journey mysteriously disappears from her compartment. The girl, seeking an explanation for the disappearance, is accused of hallucinating and is nearly convinced that her new friend does not exist.

Director Leslie Arliss, Carol Reed, Val Guest, Roy Ward Baker & Alfred Hitchcock
Certificate PG
Year 1938 ; 1944 ; 1945 ; 1950
Languages English
Duration 9 hours 38 minutes (approx)
Region Region 2 - Will only play on European Region 2 or multi-region DVD players.


My grandmother was in a film with her. I met 'Maggie' once at my gran's house in the seventies when I was a kid. I didn't know who she was though.

Oh, and Sharon, you'll like my other name drop: Bolan's drummer used to baby sit for me!

Original Poster

I do love the 70's-although I was a bit too young to appreciate it at the time and I do absolutely love a claim to fame-maybe we should start a discussion EIBuc!
Is the Bolan drummer childcare story something you learnt in retrospect or was he combining the two careers at the same time?:)
Sorry-couldn't resist it!!
Thanks for your post.

Well it was not long after he was sacked/left (he played on 3 T-Rex albums, Futuristic Dragon being his last) but he still drummed. His girlfriend at the time, Gail, was really nice, she stayed locally after they split up and by the time I was 17 she had got married and had a couple of kids so I would babysit for them for a few years. I remember she had a suitcase of things Marc had given to her and Davey (her ex - the drummer) which she'd get down from the attic every now and then - she would lend me stuff - I remember I went to a T-Rex convention thing in 1992 and I wore these Lady Dior sunglasses which Elton John had given to Marc, then Marc had given to Davey and Davey to Gail - she was really lovely but sadly died a few years ago.

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Aw,she sounds lovely-not many people would lend out original memorabilia.:thinking:
Thank you for the story though:friends:
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