The Marx Brothers Collection (4 Film Box Set) - £9.89 delivered !
The Marx Brothers Collection (4 Film Box Set) - £9.89 delivered !

The Marx Brothers Collection (4 Film Box Set) - £9.89 delivered !

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The Marx Brothers Collection (4 Film Box Set)- £9.89 delivered @ Sendit.com

Description : A collection of 4 classic Marx Brothers films. 'The Cocoanuts' (1929) sees the four Marx brothers - Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo - make their big screen debut with this adaptation of their Broadway hit. Hammer (Groucho) is the fast-talking owner of a Florida hotel, hoping to make a mint by persuading wealthy society matron Mrs Potter (Maragaret Dumont) and her daughter Polly to invest in the local land boom. He is aided and abetted by a pair of inept conmen (Chico and Harpo) and desk clerk Jamison (Zeppo), but the quartet become distracted from their task when they help Polly's sweetheart, Bob, prove his innocence after he is wrongfully accused of stealing Mrs Potter's jewels. The Marxes' first feature is hampered by poor sound quality and static camera-work, but includes the classic land auction and 'Why-a-duck?' scenes and a score by Irving Berlin. 'A Girl in Every Port' (1952) was Groucho Marx's second solo outing for RKO and his third feature without Chico and Harpo.

Groucho and William Bendix play a couple of scheming sailors who spend most of their time in the ship's brig. Bendix receives a small inheritance and decides to spend it on a clapped-out racehorse. When Groucho learns that the animal has a much more successful twin, he and Bendix decide to swap the nags and clean up at the track. Also included are 'Room Service' (1938 ) also starring Lucille Ball and Ann Miller and 'Love Happy' (1949) featuring an aspiring starlet, Marilyn Monroe.


complements the older 4 dvd paramount set..(duck soup, horsefeathers etc). this includes the first marx brothers movie, cocoanuts, (which i had to buy on dutch import) and others, some of which hardly feature the marx brothers, but if you love em, still worth having!.

the first (and best) set seems to be ludicrously priced at the moment, but hang on, and it'll come down in price again. i've also seen a set with all 8 movies included.


i've just taken my advice and ordered this set..and realised it's the same company which promised great prices on jules et jim and 400 blows, but have failed to delivered for several months!

hopefully not this time..

That pic is the cover of the 8 dvd boxset which is the same in sendit's listing!
The description says there's only four films in the boxset!

There's also a trailer on their site which when you click on it features a clip from duck soup!

i suppose it could be the 8 dvd box, but i would be prepared to bet some real english pounds it's the second 4 dvd set and doesn't include the 4 best movies as box 1 does
if it arrives i'll let you know!

should have done this earlier...the 4 (!) dvd box set arrived quickly, and was box 2 as expected.

still no sign of 400 blows or jules et jim!

The Box set containing four of the Marx Brothers finest and funniest films - ANIMAL CRACKERS (1930), MONKEY BUSINESS (1931), HORSE FEATHERS (1932) and DUCK SOUP (1933) is available from PowerPlayDirect.com for £14.99...and there's Quidco at 4%...

This is back up to £16.89.

Keep an eye (see previous post) and it'll be more reasonably priced again
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