The Masque Of The Red Death [DVD] [1964] £1.99 delivered @ Amazon

The Masque Of The Red Death [DVD] [1964] £1.99 delivered @ Amazon

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Found 8th Jan 2011Made hot 9th Jan 2011
Superb Vincet Price film and a good price - elsewhere:-
Zavvi £4.85 £5.95 £7.99
BTR Direct £8.99
HMV £9.99

Death and debauchery reign in the castle of Prince Prospero (Vincent Price), and when it reigns- it pours! Prospero has only one excuse for his diabolical deeds - the devil made him do it! But when a mysterious, uninvited guest crashes his pad during a masquerade ball, there'll be hell to pay as the party atmosphere turns into a danse macabre!

Based on the short stories of Edgar Allen Poe, the film also stars Hazel Court and Jane Asher.


This film scared the pants off me when I was younger, I'm not sure it will do the same now. i remember it being quite classy.

My fave Vincent Price movie, its genius!

Was always disturbed by the 'vertically challenged' Hop Toad!

Now £4.93
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