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Posted 25 November 2022

The Matrix Resurrections [4K Ultra-HD] [Blu-ray] [2021] [Region Free] £9.99 @ Amazon

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The Matrix Resurrections [4K Ultra-HD] [Blu-ray] [2021] [Region Free]

From visionary filmmaker Lana Wachowski comes “The Matrix Resurrections", the long-awaited fourth film in the ground-breaking franchise that redefined a genre. The new film reunites original stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss in the iconic roles they made famous, Neo and Trinity.
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    Sorry this was not a great film
  3. Avatar
    Not sure a better picture can save this one.
    I am lost
  4. Avatar
    I wouldn't want to insult garbage by comparing it to this movie
  5. Avatar
    Matrix: Regurgitations would have been a more appropriate name...
  6. Avatar
    An absolute shambles of a movie.
  7. Avatar
    One of the worst films I've had the misfortune of paying to watch.
  8. Avatar
    It's take me 5 attempts to watch this and still not finished it
  9. Avatar
    This would be a rip off for free..... im surprised this was made, damn awful
  10. Avatar
    Isn't that the truth !
  11. Avatar
    Animatrix was better than 2, 3 and 4
  12. Avatar
    Keanu couldn't even be bother to look like Neo and kept his John Wick hair and beard.
    At the risk of coming to any sort of defence of this film, 'Keanu with a beard' still looks more like Neo than anyone else ever would, be they clean-shaven or head to toe in leather and sunglasses
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    The first movie a classic and set such high expectations for the sequels but they failed to deliver. I just watch the original and imagine my own sequel's 😁
    Lots of people having a go at this film but it's only the same level as 2 and 3
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    You can't un-see it after you've watched, so don't watch it. It's terrible!
    It's just a loosely stitched together plot line from the previous films and was only produced to generate cash.
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    Come on guys give it a rest. The film was made during covid. The directors, the writers, the producers etc probably had covid
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    I ordered for myself earlier for completion’s sake. Couldn’t bring myself to post as a deal though. Temperature is better than I thought it would be.
  17. Avatar
    It's an expensive coaster, but a deals a deal... heat added OP
  18. Avatar
    It took two attempts for me to watch this pile of dung
  19. Avatar
    Not a good Movie but a good 4K UHD disk to show what your TV can do.
    Well this completes my Matrix collection
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    I really don’t want it but I have the trilogy and feel weird not completing it lol
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    About 8 quid too expensive
  22. Avatar
    Absolute crap
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    I enjoyed it and want it to complete my collection but I'll wait until it's about a fiver I think.
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    Strange how the consensus is how crap this film is, yet it's still gotten hot. We're so irrational as a species, or maybe I must don't get collectors
    It's probably more about the deal than the movie. However I'm pretty sure I've seen this being sold for 7 quid not too long ago. Don't ask me where because I have little interest in even trying to remember. (edited)
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    This movie is insulting the cinematography.
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    Watched this on sky, when it premiered. Very disappointing, no real story or plot. Just seemed like it was thrown together as a cash in. Lots of flash backs and old footage used, and possibly some bits off the cutting room floor (even though it was probably all digital and non linear edited). It was nice to see some character from previous films, but it just didn't gel or flow very well for me. The whole thing should've been worked on longer and thrashed out more and refined. Hopefully if they make any more, they'll do better, next time. But unfortunately I doubt it, as Hollywood seems to be run by suits and accountants who just care out money, not the quality!
    If they really cared about money they would not have made this or many of the other easily predictable financial flops that have been made in the last decade.
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    Don’t do it humanity has suffered enough!
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    Worst Movie ever !!!!!
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    Offer finished now