Posted 29 January 2023

The Matrix Resurrections: Amazon UK Exclusive Steelbook [4K Ultra-HD] [Blu-ray] [2021] [Region Free] - £12.78 @ Amazon

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From visionary filmmaker Lana Wachowski comes “The Matrix Resurrections", the long-awaited fourth film in the ground-breaking franchise that redefined a genre. The new film reunites original stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss in the iconic roles they made famous, Neo and Trinity.
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    🔥 for the price but I will never watch this film again
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    Let's all pretend that this film never happened. The Matrix ended with Resolutions.
    The Matrix ended with The Matrix
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    Shockingly bad film, the writing on the wall for the franchise.

    I'll go back to watching part 1 & pretending the rest didn't happen
    For once, a modern Honest Trailer is accurate.
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    I own the first 3 on blu-ray and haven’t seen this one so tempted.. but it just looks bad without morpheus.
    It makes 2&3 look like masterpieces it's that bad (I hate 2 & 3)
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    I'm starting to realise that the term "visionary filmmaker" is code for appalling filmmaker. Because evey time it's used to promote a film that film is awful.
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    voted cold as the film is so bad, anyone that watches this need to take the blue pill and pretend it never happened
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    Take several pills before watching this
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    Excellent movie,I make my own mind on things and don't mindlessly join the masses,some great ideas and logic in the story,I was worried how they would bring back neo and trinity but it felt natural within the story. (edited)
    I agree that people should make up their own minds and not mindlessly follow the crowd.

    I did that, and came to the concusion that the film is absolute excrement.
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    I love movies and going to the cinema, but this was terrible.
    Worst film ever made. And that is being polite.
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    The film is awful. The Wachowskis were supposedly vehemently against sequels to the original but money talks. You can tell this is a cash in. Truly soulless
    Like they say in the movie itself, it's most likely that WB said we're making the movie with or without you.

    Tbh if the franchise is gonna be ruined I'd rather the original creators did it instead of some random
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    Shockingly bad movie, but shockingly good deal for anyone who likes it.
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    It's a really good movie just don't go in expecting a super serious Matrix iteration, it's more 'meta' than that.

    Only downside for me is that the fight scenes just aren't up to scratch with the originals but everything else is fantastic. (edited)
    The 'meta' aspects were the worst thing about the movie. They were just shoehorned in for no other reason than to attempt to be clever. You have people actually defending the awful cinematography, makeup and fight choreography as a commentary on the movie industry, totally not because the technical crew are completely different.

    I think that the idea would have honestly been amazing if they pulled it off but it was so, so halfhearted. What a waste of potential
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    Voted HOT! So that more people see the deal, read the comments, and then save their cash 😁
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    Does the steel in steelbook mean it's more environmentally friendly when you decide to burn it after watching it?
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    The first film was art. This is not art. This is a fun, somewhat interesting film best. Who buys this?
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    Its not bad as such. Trouble is, its not that good either. Just dont feel the need to watch it again.
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    There is no spo... 4th movie.
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    I loved original trilogy, but after watching 4th I would rather watch 6h of baby shark... This was a slap to face to all the fans and it is a perfect example how to not make movies... They would have to pay me to watch this again... Even Keanu was embarrassed by this movie...
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    The movie is getting a lot of heat.

    The deal too
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    This steelbook artwork been perfect for he first movie.if I could rub of some of the wording . I might buy and put the first film in it anyway. You can fit two discs in it . (edited)
    I swear some how u got be able scrub it on . Then I say to Amazon the words missing . A win win .
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    It's all true, you know.
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    Now if you compare it to the previous films it is not as good. And i hated the 1st 30mins of the film. However if you likw the franchise and was mkre story of what happened after no3 then iwmt was an easy watch. Dont go in expect earth shattering film
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    Voted hot.. even though I don't like the movie. That's a real good price for someone who does like it.
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    The only person buying this is Andrew Tate
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    There are people who defend this film and I kind of get it, there's an interesting idea at the heart of this movie. But the execution is so poor it doesn't matter.
    Anonymous User
    Pretty much my take as well. There, as with the previous films, some fascinating ideas but it feels like a film student put it together. I groaned at the bits of Maverick which were a clip show from the first, but they were just about justifiable in service to the story. In resurrections, they just feel tacked onto pad out the running time. There's no attempt to match the cinematography of the reused material or otherwise integrate it and it looks completely amateurish.

    Inside the 3 matrix sequels, there is probably one really good film buried in there, somewhere...

    I'm rarely bothered by sequels, but I genuinely feel the matrix sequels did tarnish the original. (edited)
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    Free top g
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    It's not meta. It's not too deep for normal people to understand. It's not a film about loss.

    It's a purposefully sabotaged movie, on every level, to prevent the studio from giving it to someone else to produce. The fight choreography, arguably the thing you want most from a Matrix movie, is utterly absent. The guy who did it for 1-3 didn't even return.

    Avoid at all costs. It's one of the very few films I wish I'd never watched, as all it does is drag the IP down.
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    Such a bad movie that pleae avoid giving them any more money.
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    Ha, for a minute I thought they were paying us 12.78 to watch it.
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    I'm your average movie cynic and hate the sequels, but I really enjoyed this. I found it really interesting and fun to watch with all the ideas, meta and satire that was crammed in. Of all the absolute junk films released these days, one with a modicum of intelligence is pretty refreshing.
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    Possibly one of the most over rated and boring movies I've seen love the original but this is utter crap
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    This is the only film that got me sleeping in the cinema.
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    Pointless cash cow. Even the meta "doing this again" didn't work. Literally just an excuse to put together a bunch of new action scenes, and they weren't even that good. I didn't manage to finish it! (edited)