The Matrix Trilogy on DVD (3 Discs) at Base for £4.99
The Matrix Trilogy on DVD (3 Discs) at Base for £4.99

The Matrix Trilogy on DVD (3 Discs) at Base for £4.99

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I know this isn't going to be enough for all the die-hard fans (I myself have the Blu-Ray collection, which suits me just fine ^^), but £5 for all three of The Matrix films seemed like a pretty good deal to me.

It won't have the hours and hours of special features, but if you're only interested in seeing the movies and haven't seen them before, this is a great chance to get them.
This 3 Disc collection looks to be about £9 at a minimum elsewhere.
The first one is amazing. The second one was great visually but I thought it was a bit weak plot-wise. And whilst I can't remember much of the third one, I remember it being an improvement on the second for sure.

I don't know about everyone else, but I think the next two Matrix films they're planning on making could be pretty awesome.

"Three features. With THE MATRIX the Wachowskis have established themselves as innovative filmmakers who push the boundaries of live-action films. Like the groundbreaking STAR WARS THE MATRIX (also the first film of a trilogy) showcases a unique visual style one the Wachowskis achieved through an array of techniques and digital effects some never before seen in mainstream Hollywood films. Although computer morphing technology had been used before in films such as THE ABYSS and TERMINATOR 2 the Wachowskis were the first to use bullet time a time-bending digital effect that utilises both computer-generated imagery and still photography. The film itself is a complex story that aspires to mythology focusing on a computer hacker named Neo (Keanu Reeves) who searches for the truth behind the mysterious force known as the Matrix. He finds his answer with a group of strangers led by the charismatic Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne). What they encounter in confronting that truth makes for a lightning-paced eye-popping thrill ride of a movie. Packed with stunning fight scenes (choreographed by accomplished Hong Kong director Yuen Wo-Ping) astonishing visual effects quotable lines and a terrific supporting cast (led by Carrie-Anne Moss in her first major Hollywood film) THE MATRIX is a bold triumph that raises the bar for all science fiction films. Also includes THE MATRIX RELOADED and MATRIX REVOLUTIONS."


not made the jump yet to blu-ray and never got to watch all 3 on video which I got rid of (a xmas/new year thing) so this suits me fine.

Thanks Op for post. X)

works for me. Don't give a flip about blu-ray and hopefully never will. Quality of image doesn't make a film any better. Cept porn, obviously.

The Matrix Revolutions is an abortion of a film.
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