The McCartney Years - 3 disc DVD £7.99 at

The McCartney Years - 3 disc DVD £7.99 at

Found 24th Sep 2009
I've wanted this for ages, very pleased its dropped in price this much.
Good item to buy for any Beatles fans for a birthday, or dare I say it, an early Christmas purchase?


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* Let It Be performed at Live Aid
* Archive interviews with Melvyn Bragg and Michael Parkinson
* Alternative Versions Of Music Videos
* Creating Chaos - A full length documentary
* Exclusive commentary and personal introductions by Paul McCartney for each promotional video and live concert

This first time ever DVD includes the definitive visual collection of Paul McCartney's amazing career featuring solo music videos, career-spanning live performances, personal commentary by Paul McCartney and exclusive footage that tracks his incredible musical journey as never before.
Spanning four decades The McCartney Years is a three volume DVD collection, featuring some of the world's best-loved music that has become the soundtrack to all our lives.

Volume One and Volume Two contain the definitive collection of McCartney music videos. Starting in the 1970s with Paul McCartney's first solo single Maybe I'm Amazed, the DVD includes the Wings promo video for Band On The Run as well as hits from the 1980s such as Say Say Say, and the 1990s with Biker Like An Icon. It finishes with 2005's Fine Line. The films can be viewed either in chronological order or as play-lists that have been personally arranged by Paul featuring his exclusive voiceover commentaries.

Volume Three includes live performances taken from three classic McCartney live shows; Rockshow filmed on Wings' 1976 World Tour, new edits of Paul's seminal Unplugged in 1991 and Paul's now legendary headlining performance at 2004's Glastonbury Festival.

This collection has been meticulously restored and all films polished, re-graded and given a new lease of life in Widescreen format with re-mastered stereo audio and for the first time the original recordings re-mixed into 5.1 surround sound. The McCartney Years includes over 40 promo videos and over two hours of live performances.


Disc 1

1. Tug Of War
2. Say Say Say
3. Silly Love Songs
4. Band On The Run
5. Maybe I'm Amazed
6. Heart Of The Country
7. Mamunia
8. With A Little Luck
9. Goodnight Tonight
10. Waterfalls
11. My Love
12. C-Moon
13. Baby's Request
14. Hi Hi Hi
15. Ebony And Ivory
16. Take It Away
17. Mull Of Kintyre
18. Helen Wheels
19. I've Had Enough
20. Coming Up
21. Wonderful Christmastime

Disc Two:

1. Pipes Of Peace
2. My Brave Face
3. Beautiful
4. Fine Line
5. No More Lonely Nights
6. This One
7. Little Willow
8. Pretty Little Head
9. Birthday
10. Hope Of Deliverance
11. Once Upon A Long Ago
12. All My Trials
13. Brown Eyed Handsome
14. Man
15. Press
16. No Other Baby
17. Off The Ground
18. Biker Like An Icon
19. Spies Like Us
20. Put It There
21. Figure Of Eight
22. C'mon People

Disc Three:

1. Venus And Mars
2. Rockshow
3. Jet
4. Maybe I'm Amazed
5. Lady Madonna
6. Listen To What The Man
7. Said
8. Bluebird

9. I Lost My Little Girl
10. Every Night
11. And I Love Her
12. That Would Be Something

13. Jet
14. Flaming Pie
15. Let Me Roll It
16. Blackbird
17. Band On The Run
18. Back In The Ussr
19. Live And Let Die
20. Hey Jude
21. Yesterday
22. Helter Skelter
23. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band




Excellent bargain

Macca has done some duffers in his solo career but for every duffer there is at least two gems; great live and a true legend.

Great spot and post

Check out some music by ]The Fireman. Shows that Macca is way from being just Beatle Paul

Many thanks, thats one pressie sorted !!

Bargain at this price

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Amazon have now beat Plays 1p!
I'd still rather buy from Play because of Quidco.

I'd buy a lot more from Amazon if they paid Quidco: & I think the £47 for Prime is just a rip off.
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