The memory Stick
The memory Stick

The memory Stick

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USB Memory Stick comes with 2GB memory on board the firmware is upgradeable

warning not to be used if you here voices in your head


I want one :w00t:

Original Poster

I know me too if only it was true the only problem I would have is I would forget where i would but it he he:w00t: :giggle:

Could it be something to do with todays date?

INOOT :giggle: Thanks!

good one lol

:giggle: Great, am sure there are some codes floating around for IWOOT too, so can get it cheaper

Not forgetting quidco

:giggle: I am off to order one now...... :giggle:

I got one of those. Works great.

This would really help with exams guys, voted HOT! HOT! HOT!

DOnt miss out, it wont last long.

another funny person trying to be clever got to try harder then that sorry

[SIZE=2]Is this Mac compatible ?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Far too many of these gadgets only work via PC[/SIZE]

Why bother making that comment j Dance? If you don't think its funny just move on. It's a bit of fun!

Wow, what a great find!

Do they do a 128k version? :?

Voted....erm..err...oh never mind.

HAHAHA! I wanna borrow Einsteins memory stick!

I wonder if there is a waterproof one for goldfishes!

Johnny Neunomic eat you heart out!!

Try adding to cart!!!!

I'll never fill 2gig:oops:

That's really rather spooky!

I know the guy in the picture!

I've ordered three...

... well, a friend wouldn't lie to me that these are real, would he?!

Wouldn't that be great :P

April Fools!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol :-d

OMG, I was just thinking of buying one of these...lol.

Can it upload common sense?

got to get myself one of these!:whistling:

Well done primal. Thanks for the larf.

Why do people come on here telling people that this is an April Fools gag?

It'd be great if these people could enjoy the larf and NOT spoil it for others.

Or am I expecting too much here?

they think they are extremely clever for seeing through the ruse so like to share their superiority with the rest of us.

I want one of these too


I never seen so much **** in my life!:thumbsup:

By the time anyone's looked at the item I would imagine they've already realised what it is. I shouldn't imagine they'd have to read the following 20+ threads to determine it.

i got one of those, but i forgot where i left it...

Also, how stupid do some of the people think we are???? Pointing out to the people who have posted that its actually an april fools prank - like we didnt know! :giggle: Goes to show how stupid THEY are..........

I thought it was real....

mmm I smell an April Fool's stunt ;-)

cant wait to use mine, its in the post now!

is it 2.0 compatable? and will it help cure my alzheimers.:? :-D


I want one of these … I want one of these too]http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/gadgets-gizmos/apollo-f1r/index.html

OHHH! I like that one! Apollo-f1r is an anagram of Apr1l fool. nice!

It would be lovely if it did, but sadly this product exists only in our imagination.


mmm I smell an April Fool's stunt ;-)

No sh*t Sherlock :roll:

Dont forget to use the quidco 10% cash back!
I know its a joke but its worth a try!!!
If they pay out i shall have the last laugh!!!:giggle:

Bought it last year, funny on the same date.


Bought it last year, funny on the same date.

Well same here and to date i have only filled 0.5GB :oops:

£3.95 for delivery!! who are they kiddin? would have gone for it if they delivered for £3.86.

ordered 2
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