The Michael Palin BBC Collection (16 DVD Box set) - £44.99 delivered @ MovieMail !

The Michael Palin BBC Collection (16 DVD Box set) - £44.99 delivered @ MovieMail !

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The Michael Palin Collection contains all the documentaries that Michael Palin has made with the BBC.

The following documentaries feature on the collection.

Around the World in 80 Days: Michael Palin takes up the famous challenge. Air travel is forbidden, and wherever possible he uses the same routes and transport as Jules Verne's fictional hero, meeting many interesting characters en route. As he races across continents and against the clock, Michael's charm and ingenuity delight the armchair traveller.

Pole to Pole: Michael Palin's second televised challenge is to travel from the North to the South Pole, by land and sea. The crossing is varied and frequently gruelling, passing through Russia just days before the abortive Gorbachev coup, then on through Turkey, Egypt, Sudan and South Africa, hopefully arriving in time to catch the only ship from Africa to Antarctica!

Full Circle: In Full Circle, Michael Palin sets off from Diomede, in the Bering Strait, and hopes to return there one year later via Russia, Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Borneo, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and the whole length of the Americas. But right from the start things don't go to plan...

Sahara: Michael Palin's lust for travel is as strong as it was when he went around the world in 80 days, from pole to pole and then full circle. His latest objective is one of the great challenges in world travel: crossing the Sahara Desert...

Himalaya: In his most challenging journey yet, Michael Palin tackles the Himalayas, the greatest mountain range on earth, a virtually unbroken wall of rock stretching 1,800 miles from the borders of Afghanistan to south-west China.

Hemingway Adventure: Palin journeys to Valencia in Spain, following in the footsteps of his favourite author, Ernest Hemingway.

Great Railway Journey: Derry or Londonderry, depending on religion or which part of Ireland you're from, is the starting point of Michael Palin's great Irish railway journey. A journey which will take him from this ancient walled city to the most western tip of Ireland. But this is far more than a sightseeing tour. It is a quest for family roots, an attempt to trace his great grandmother - Brita Gallagher - who set sail from Ireland 150 years ago during the potato famine, bound for a new life in Burlington, New Jersey, USA.

DVD Extra: Each series contains an exclusive interview with Michael Palin.


Original Poster

Good spot - hot.

Its not all the documentaries he has made, as its missing the european one he did last year.

Good price never-the-less.

Hmmm. I've been following this collection for some time hoping to find a good price and as far as I can remember it's been around this range for some time. Its RRP is £70 but still some people might consider this a steal so I'm not voting hot or cold.

Also a new collection is being released on 13th October which will include 'New Europe'. It's available for pre-order at HMV for £52.99. 'New Europe' on it's own is £12.89 (cheapest). This box set is likely to drop in price further when the new one hit’s the shelves as they have the same RRP or they might just discontinue the old one.

'New Europe' is without a doubt Palin's worst. I was very keen to see it but it turned out to be uninspiring and dull. Actually, Palin's New Europe is so bad that I didn't buy it even though CDWOW offered it for £5.99 a week or two ago.

awesome collection! I got these a couple of years back for a birthday - still working my way through them!
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