The Mighty Boosh - Series 1 And 2 £9.99

The Mighty Boosh - Series 1 And 2 £9.99


Good price, but it's been the same since WELL before christmas...from the same store:…et/

just search before you post

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sorry did search but gave up after 4 pages

Fab price, voted hot

Also available from Amazon for £9.98 but p+p obviously applies if you're ordering under £15…-21

great, already got but still a great buy!! heat

Got this from HMV for one of my brother's christmas present - paid £9.99 then, excellent deal.

Only problem is that HMV take absolutely ages with delivery - if you're planning on spending £15 at amazon, then go with them instead.

HMV delivery really is a joke, I've ordered stuff from Hong Kong that's arrived faster!

Pretty old deal, really! I ordered this at this price for my Mum for her xmas.

Yes, HMV's delivery is very slow but it is free. They're not going to send it super-first class. I'm the patient type, I'd rather order online and not have to take a trip to the shop only to pay more and not get 10% Quidco back

If you're in a hurry for something, don't shop at HMV. If you don't mind the wait then they're consistently cheap.

I've had this set a while - Highly recommended by me.
New series funny as well.

I ordered this about three weeks before Christmas from HMV for 9.99. It eventually turned up after New Year. They ship from Guernsey so I guess that adds some time but not four weeks!!

As for Amazon, they use HDN to deliver and you seriously want to avoid that courier.

It's starting to put me off ordering online now. Many companies take your money and then cut you adrfit.

Good price for the item but done before, thanks anyway.

good price for **** humour

Another thing you can do with this is buy it from HMV at £9.99 and then take it back to Woolworths for a £20 gift voucher. Doubled your money.

Yeah been around for ages. GOt it but still a great deal
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